Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning

There is just something special about having your windows open,letting the warm breeze in,watching the curtains flow with the air. The smell of fresh cut grass, the country smell of the woods around you. You have all your cleaning supplies out,and you think, oh my,where do start? What room would be easier? Maybe,I could even put it off for tomorrow, and just enjoy the breeze and maybe just read a good book. You begin in the living room, where everyone gathers for fun, and chit-chat,this is the easy room to start in,then you can move on.It always seems we leave the bathroom for last.No one wants to clean it very much. I have been cleaning all over my home for two days now, with the radio on christian music,lifting me up,while I do dirty work. It seems to help make it easier,and it makes the time go by.I will even pray and sing along,think about Christ and what He has done for me. Spring cleaning is kind of like having a revival at home in your heart. We are cleaning out all the junk, making room for fresh,clean things to be put in order. We are listening to God speak to us through music,and worshipping Him.Its not always fun to clean. I know some who love to do it everyday,and enjoy cleaning so much,but I can think of many things I would rather do.The same is with our hearts.Do I really want to look inside at what needs to be cleaned out? Do I really want to hear all the things I am doing wrong? No, we like to hear what we are doing right, we like to do things the easy way. Some are even blessed to have maids come in and clean for them,I am not that fortunate. Don't we like to do that with our hearts? We like so much to clean out others hearts and put them in check, but we really don't want to do our own. Cleaning is hard work, no one ever said it was easy, and just like cleaning out our hearts, its hard and it hurts sometimes to really get in there and get all the dirt and grim out that has been in there for awhile,and has built up over time.It has even become to where we are use to it,and we live in it,just like at home. Oh my, but how good does it feel when we are all finished cleaning our homes,and we can sit down and take a look around and see all that has taken place from the hard work we have acccomplished? It's amazing how it feels. It is almost a peace inside, you can breath, and you are proud that you worked so hard, and humbled to know that our hearts are just the same. As we dig out those closets, and clean out those ovens lets look inside our hearts and see what needs to be cleaned out. Even though it may hurt, and you may not like what you see, as much as me, your heart will be refreshed, revived, and if we learn to really clean more than just one good cleaning a year,and do it everyday,what a difference it will make in our lives.To open our hearts up to Christ daily,and let Him show us what we need to clean out, and put in place, we will learn a whole new way of staying clean and cleaning out the cobwebs won't be so hard.


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