Friday, March 6, 2009

The Deer Stand

I love each time of year when hunting season comes. It is a time for me to spend time with my husband, and a time to spend outdoors with God. I love being in the woods. The smell of the trees, you can hear the birds chirping,and the squirrels are all in the leaves,making you think a deer is coming upon you.You can hear the woodpeckers knocking on the trees close by and the air is cool, your in so many layers of clothes you can hardly move, you have your drink next to you,mine ofcourse is soda, and my husbands is coffee. I love the smell as he pours it, but just do not like the taste. We can sit quietly for hours and just listen to Gods creation, and be in wonder of it all, sometimes we will just sit and talk quietly or laugh at something funny that is only between us.This time with my husband is so special. He has taught me everything I need to know about shooting. The deerstand has been a great place for me and my husband to share and to grow. Just to be together is wonderful. Sometimes I would even take a book back in the woods and read while he cut wood, and just listen to all the sounds, and watch the clouds go by. Seeing nature is seeing God up close. It is witnessing all He created, and it makes me feel so humbled. If God created such beauty, and cares for even the sparrows, oh my, how much more does He love me? I am blessed beyond measure when I walk into the woods with the man I love, to be in awe of the Son who loves me.


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