Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home sick

As I grow older, I feel homesick for home with my mom and dad. Sometimes I can just have a dream or a memory, a smell, or a feeling deep inside. I can look back in time and see our house. See the decorations my mom so delicately created, I can see my dad laying on the couch after a hard days work, waiting on dinner. I am in my room, dancing, or playing teacher with all my stuffed animals as my students. Its funny, with my home and family I am content. I am so very happy. But there is something about home,when you don't feel well, or you just had a bad day, maybe its the holidays and you can picture in your mind how things were when you were a kid like me. I climbed trees, and played outside until dark catching frogs in the cool night air. We used to get a jar and catch fireflies, and see how many we could put in one jar. Its funny, as you get older, it isn't so much the big things you remember, its all the little moments of time you wish you could have back for just a moment. My mom fixing us breakfast, even watching her hang out all the clothes on the line, and me running through them all. Riding my bike so fast, the wind felt slow. Playing on the softball league and riding my bike to the games,and hearing my dad cheer me on. Time goes by so quickly, without my dad, my mom lives alone,in senior apartments. I believe she also misses home as well. Things in life change daily,and we change with them. Many times we don't really have a choice in the matter. Do you ever long for home? I even long for my home in Heaven that I know is waiting. I think we are to look forward to that day when we hear that trumpet, and we all go home. This world is not our home. The sights and sounds that become so familar, are so near to our hearts,but our heavenly home should be close to our hearts, and we should be yearning for that home also. We have our home we grew up in, and have those memories of the past, and we have our heavenly home, with our future,and Father who will guide us with His love into another place and time that we will worship Him for all eternity. Home, it is a word that carries love, for me it does, I was blessed to have a wonderful home, and an amazing home to look forward to.


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