Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One of the hardest things in life is to let go

One of the hardest things in life is to let go of the ones we love,or something very dear to our hearts. Our hearts were made to love and to cherish ones we have passing in our path. God brings so much beauty to our lives.The thing is,it is His to give,and His to take. Sometimes letting go of a person,or a situation is the hardest things we do,but letting go and giving everything to the Lord,gives us a peace that we do not fully understand,but it is a sweet peace,that can only come from Him. Many times we may want to pick it up again,and do so if the Lord is telling us to do that,but if not,we need to let it go and trust in the Lord that all will be accomplished for His glory. He never said our lives would be without pain and hurt.Some just choose never to love,or let anyone in because they are afraid of hurt.What a sad way to live,and miss out on all the special things God has in store for us. Letting go,and trusting is not always easy.We know what should be,and how it should be,or so we think,but God knows best,and we have to remember everything is in Gods timing,not ours. The next time we are struggling,just let go,and trust in God.His hand is in everything,nothing passes through Him,without His knowledge,and we as His children must obey His words,although we may not understand everything at the time,God will share one day,and we will see what He has been doing all around us. Prayer is our closest way to knowledge,and understanding,if we will just quiet ourselves,and allow our hearts to hear Him,we too will be blessed. Don't be afraid to let go,and trust. No one else loves us more,or knows our needs more than our loving Savior.


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