Thursday, February 19, 2009

What are you ready to give up?

What are you ready to give up to look more like Jesus? We all have them, sins. They seem to take over our lives at times. Sometimes we try to hide them. Sometimes we try to make ourselves think, its no big deal, others we may say well I'm worth it. All it takes is one to get started, then next time another, then soon we are so caught up in our own sin, we just can't see straight. Its funny, we can always see others sins, we can always point out what they need to change.The question is are we ready to look at ourselves and see our sin? Are we ready to give up the things that are keeping us from moving forward? Are we ready to give up the things that are so holding us back? When it really comes down to the truth of the matter, what are we really ready to give up for Jesus? Jesus gave all He had, He gave His life. Are you or I willing to do that? Are we willing to take a stand when no one else will? In this world of wants, what are we ready to give to up for Christ and to better ourselves? Why do we want to hold on to things we know are really holding us back? Just humble ourselves and let it go, let what we are holding on to go. Open our hands, and our hearts and just let it all go for Him.For what we count as loss, He counts for gain.


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