Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do you love to sing?

We all have many gifts, we just have to understand what they are. My son is gifted with the guitar and mandolin. My daughters can sing beautifully. Now me, I cannot sing in front of others very well to save my life,but put me in the shower or in the car alone,and I can sing like the wind.I can sing loud, I can give it all I have. Its funny, I cant do that in front of others. I love singing. I have wanted to sing at church,but I know it will never work right, I'd have to sing barefooted,and sing with my eyes shut....I have figured it out this way.There are those who are gifted to sing and play music,then there are those of us who are gifted to listen..To me, I think I sound awesome in the car,when the radio is turned up too loud to hear my voice. It never matters to me if I sing in front of thousands or just in front of church. If it is only just me and Jesus in the car, or the house while I am cleaning,I think that is just awesome. If He is the only one who really ever hears me give it my all, then its all worth it. I love music, the louder the better.I'm sure thats why I think I sound good in the car. I just cant hear myself, I'm hearing the music and I am just blending in. Just me and God is great, worshipping Him all alone is so amazing. I'm sure others have driven past me and thought,oh my, that girl needs serious help, but ya know,it just doesn't matter when your really spending time with God.I think He has heard the best voices and then He hears mine. As long as we are worshipping Him, I think He might just be singing along with us.


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