Friday, February 27, 2009

Refine Me

Psalm 66:10 says; " For you, O God, have tested us, You have refined us as silver is refined." When we come to Jesus we come as we are. He does the rest, He refines us like gold or silver. As it is found it melted down, all the impurities are taken out, and it is made into something beautiful.That is my prayer for me and for you, that Jesus would refine us, take all our impurities and make them new. That He would change us and mold us into something beautiful. Change our hearts to look like His, and change our attitudes to be like His. That He would look down upon His children and be proud. Can you see Him in Heaven? What would that be like to hear Him say He was proud of His children.If we will just give in, let go of ourselves, our wants, our needs, and focus on Him, and let Him refine us to look like beautiful creations, created only by Him. Refined by the best, what else could be better than that?


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