Friday, February 27, 2009

How many times have we denied Jesus, is it more than three?

Matthew 26:34 says;"Jesus said to him, " Assuredly, I say to you that this night, before the rooster crows, you will deny Me three times." Some look at Peter and say "How could he deny Jesus?" He even denied Him three times. Why did he deny? Was he afraid? Was he thinking of himself? Did he think he was more important? How many times have we denied Jesus? Has it been more than three? I would take a guess and say yes it has been. I think we deny Him all the time, even when we are not realizing it. When we disobey, when we turn the other way when He wants us to go one way, when we live for ourselves, when we wake up and say what do I want to do today, when we see a need and we choose not to fulfill it because maybe we dont know that person or just maybe we dont like them. How many times could we give, and we choose to keep for ourselves? If we really take a deep look inside ourselves, we may believe with all our heart, but we still deny Him in many ways. When we hurt others, gossip, lie, cheat, and walk a different way, we are denying Him to live within our hearts. When we choose not to listen to His word, and apply it to our hearts, we deny Him. I believe Peter was a lesson for us to learn about denying. The amazing thing is, is that Jesus forgives. We are all sinners and we deny Jesus, and ourselves to be used greatly by Him, for reasons that satan plant into our minds. At some point, we have to stop and listen for that rooster. Is he crowing in your ears, as he is mine? Don't waste time and deny Jesus one more day. Choose to listen, and walk with Him,and lets learn from Peter.


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