Friday, February 27, 2009


What is it that you fear? Is it the lose of your children, your parents? Is it the lose of your job, or income? Is it the lose of your reputation, or friends? Maybe its heights, elevators,spiders, or snakes? Is the fear of storms one for you, or maybe the fear of fire? Is it the fear of regret, or mistakes? So many of us carry so many fears with us. Some have fear of needles, doctors all together. I happen to be claustrophobic, and hate elevators. My two that people laugh at are grasshoppers and grand-daddy longlegs.Yes, go ahead and laugh...I have the same fears as you do, losing my children, illness in my family or friends. If we allow it, fear can overtake our lives.It can consume every part of us.We then become that fear. We cannot have faith if we have fear. Do we trust the Lord or not? Do we understand He is in control, and has a plan or not? Fear does not come from the Lord, it comes from satan. Why do we allow ourselves to fear things, the unknown, and things we cannot change one moment by worrying?Either God is our God, and Lord over all or not. We either trust Him or not. We should be able to face our fears with His strength and power. We need to face our fears head on, and know that God is with us all the way. Trusting and knowing that He is there makes all the difference in the world. In Isaiah 41:10 it says; "Fear not for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you,Yes I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." We should be able to open our hands and give Him everything we have,and trust Him with all, and have no fears. Knowing He is in control, and He is with us always. Not just some of the time, but always. Who else can you say that about? His love covers all, and it should be enough for us not to have any fears,knowing He will take care of us in all situations. The next time you have a bad dream, or you let a fear come to mind, don't allow it to consume you. Give it to Jesus, and let Him turn that fear into power. Power and strengh that only comes from Him.


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