Thursday, February 19, 2009


We all carry love in our hearts. Before we can really love,we have to give it away first. Thats what Jesus did for us,and that is how we are to love. He gave His love away freely, without keeping score,without wanting in return.That is how we are to love. He gave us an example of how to love, and that is what we should follow. If we cannot give it away,then we cannot love at all.Its all about giving.Not what we are going to get in return.Love is a gift, a gift to share from our hearts to others hearts.We cannot put a price on it.God loved us, way before we ever loved Him. Love is not always easy, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it carries us through. Each day we wake, we have a choice. We have a choice to love freely,or to keep our hearts hidden,and not let anyone in. That would be a sad way to live. Open our hearts as Jesus did, love as Jesus did, and share as Jesus did. Thats what everyday should hold, and thats what everyday should be made of, love.


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