Sunday, January 25, 2009

Content or not content?

Are we really ever content with ourselves?Why are we really never content with who we are or what we look like? We buy things we don't need to make us happy,we spend tons on make-up,we spend hours in frond of the mirror,why? We just never seem to have enough.It's not even keeping up with the Jones', its the more we have the more special we feel,why? Why do we base our self worth on what we look like or what we have? Beauty comes from within and flows outward.We could fix ourselves up with all kinds of name brands, and designer clothes,and look great on the outside,but on the inside we're still mean and ugly....Why can't we just realize the Lord made us the way we are suppose to be, special and unique. It doesn't matter if we're tall or short, skinny or bigger, brown hair or blond.The world we live in since we we're little girls has programed us to believe if we are not one way, we just don't make the cut.Beauty comes in all shapes,sizes and colors.Beauty is praying over a friend when shes hurting,its sharing from your heart, its giving all you have to give,its inspiring others,its having a heart like Jesus. Beauty doesn't come in a bottle,you can't buy on-line,its in you heart placed there by Christ,to look like Him....The next time you check the mirror,see if you see the store bought kind, or see if you can see the reflection of Christ.......

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