Monday, January 26, 2009

What kind of servent are you?

Why do we serve? Is it to give freely expecting nothing in return,no pat on the back or even a thank you? Or do we serve to get attention, to get noticed, and to feel important? Many times I see my son hold the door open for others, I see him grab a cart for an elderly woman. They smile and say thank you young man, but many times there is no thank you and I see my son serve uncondisionally. He serves to help others in need and wanting nothing in return. He is growing to be such a respectful, young man. We are to serve in secret, not telling others, look what I did, and boasting about our service. We are to serve out of love for mankind. On a trip with our youth, I was with our Pastor when he pulls the van off the side of the highway when he notices a mans tire had blown out. He stopped to help this young man without thinking twice,just to offer help if needed. We should all be so giving. It tells us in scripture, in Hebrews, that we should always be hospitable to others because we never know when we may entertain an angel. Knowing that, how would you change your service?

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