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The Love of Friendship

Yesterday I sat in a court room with my friend and her mother on a bench long enough to support many more. There was one more there. A friend of Bobbie. See, my friend was in court to face one of the men who killed her son. Donnie was just fifteen. Fifteen and full of life. He walked out the door on that early morning to wait on the school bus that his little sister would be missing because on this morning she wasn't feeling well. Before the bus arrived four cars, racing and each person behind the wheel had their fill of alcohol. They couldn't wait to get to the local diner. Didn't have time to respect those around them. No regard for anyone but themselves. Donnie was standing in the driveway when one of the drivers decided to pass another and in doing so Ethan Humphries hit Donnie going over ninety miles per hour. As my friend heard the crash and ran out the door life would would forever be changed. She would try to breathe life back into her broken son, but our Jesus had…

The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson

I love learning of new authors. So many great books out there, but there are some that stand out among the rest. This is my first book to read from author Liz Johnson. I was intrigued from the first pages. She captures the reader's soul by the way a character is in need, no way to get to where she wants to go, but there's one willing to step forward with love and tender grace to be the bridge she needs. Oh, what a lovely portrait of our Savior!

The characters are realistic. I always love finding myself in a character and being able to relate in some fashion. To walk away from a novel with a heart full is a gift to treasure.

These characters are running from a wounded past. I too loved how the author didn't just jump right in and give everything away quickly. She weaved this story brilliantly to keep the reader's attention moving forward.

We see these characters slowly open up and release the pain they have carried, tucked hidden away so others can't see. They have…

Leave The Shallow Behind

It is so sad to see people have such shallow conversation. We seem to stay right above the surface. Just getting our toe in the water, but never diving under. I don't know if people don't really care or if we are afraid to go deeper. 

Recently my husband and I had seen someone at a local store. We were on our way out at the same time. What caught my heart was that my husband and I stopped, while the other person was in such a hurry they couldn't even stop for a moment, but talked as they walked away in the other direction. In that same store we too had seen another person we knew. Again, they were in such a hurry that they never even stopped. Now, we aren't especially close with either of these people, but we have known them for years. 

It's just terribly sad to me that we simply can't take a few minutes to just be friendly. But then again we live in a world where we would rather send an email or a text instead of truly connect to people face to face. Whatever is…

Love Comes In A Whisper

Do you hear Him? Just a whisper, but stronger than any noise around us. "I'm here, My child. I am with you." We can hear Him amidst the clutter. We can see Him beyond the fog. If the noise around us would just stop. Just give us a moment to catch up. Just a calm for a bit to allow us to breathe. But that isn't so much how life truly is, is it? We are wounded and in anguish, but the world keeps spinning. Life around us still continues even though our life has halted as we once knew it. What happened? Is God angry at us? Why doesn't anything seem to make sense anymore? 
God has woven a masterpiece of love between a Father and His children. There's nothing that can come between us. Nothing in this world can separate us from our Father's love. The fact is that we are not going to understand everything that happens. This life isn't going to make a lot of sense to us. See, this world isn't our home. We aren't suppose to be comfy cozy here. Perfecti…

If I Run by Terri Blackstock

There are so many reasons we all run. It seems at sometime in our lives we are running from something. Maybe the most important aspect of us running is just what are we running to? Is there a destination of hope for us? 
If I Run gives us a portrait of a young woman running away from implication. Untruths are following her. Circumstances that frighten her to the core of her being. Casey doesn't have a relationship with Jesus. She doesn't know the comfort of His presence. 
When things go horribly wrong we see Casey run for her life, but she has no idea of where she's going or where she will end up. It seems she has been running all her life. Where is her hope? Encouragement? Trust? 
Casie is the main character of this suspenseful novel that is the beginning of a series. I love when there's more to come. Knowing there's more to come let's me know that Casey's story isn't over. Her story will continue in the magnificent way Blackstock pens a story. Some pe…

I Need A Little Shower Of Grace

Do you ever feel like you just can't get it right?
We try so hard, but where is the encouragement to cheer us on when things are actually going well? It seems almost that I hear more from people when I'm not doing right than when I am. But don't we all? We forget to give those encouraging words to inspire one another to keep moving heavenward. It's when we make a mistake that the calls come. We hear the words, "I'm so disappointed in you".
What happens when your tongue gets ahead of your thoughts? You know those times, right? Your thoughts have not quite put themselves together as a whole, but before they have gathered themselves up to be right thoughts, your tongue has spilled over in anger.

I can be driving along, music playing, me singing and out of no where shoots a car, blaring their horn and holding up that valued language of, "You need to learn how to drive". I'm left thinking,  now what did I do? So, what now? Ignore…