Tuesday, September 9, 2014

HCSB Study Bible Personal Size, Black/Tan LeatherTouch Portfolio

First I must thank B&H Publishing for allowing me to review this beautiful Bible. There isn't a study Bible out there today that can compare with a Holman Study Bible. It is my absolute favorite Bible. I have a Holman Study Bible in the hardback form. It is simply AMAZING!! What is it about this one that I love so much? The size is perfect. This Bible is exquisite in every way

This is the black/tan 'leather touch' edition. Although 'leather touch' it is very sturdy and would last a lifetime. You can click on any link that I add here and check out all of the details and even get an inside view. You can find it on Amazon as well. 

I have also reviewed the Holman HCSB Ultra Thin Reference Bible, which is gorgeous.  A leather-bound edition that also another great choice if you're searching for a reference Bible. 

The HCSB translation is my favorite to study. This Bible has everything. It is filled with every tool you need to understand God's Word. 

  • I love the color photos
  • I'm a visual learner, so this Bible is perfect for me. 
  • I too love to dig in deep and this Bible has everything I need to do so. Another great aspect is the Greek/Hebrew Word Studies. They aid greatly in understanding the Word. 
  • The timelines are wonderful. 
  • Something that I found to enjoy are the essays on issues of today. They give a great theological view point.  
  • The maps are colorful and large. 
  • Although personal size the print isn't too small. 
  • Maps/illustrations/charts to guide you in a great Bible study.
  • Bible reading plans to choose from. 
  • A great concordance that has a wide selection.
  • I LOVE the introductions to each Book of the Bible.
If there was one thing I could say that isn't a highlight, that would be that the pages stick together. Let me explain. When you take your new Bible out of the box and open it you will find that some of the pages  stick together. Mostly the pages of the introductions and the essays. But, with a little patience, they come apart pretty easily. I found that if I fan the pages and then smooth out those that are sticking together from close to the bind outward, it's easy to take them apart. Once you have taken the time to do this they never stick again.

Friends, I encourage you to check out this Bible. It is the greatest study Bible I have found. It too would make an excellent gift to those who love studying the Word. You will not be disappointed by purchasing this extraordinary study Bible!

This Bible was a gift from B&H Publishing for sharing my review with you. 


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