Monday, June 2, 2014

Holman Study Bible NKJV Edition by B&H Publishing Group

I have shared with you before that my favorite Bible is the HCSB Study Bible from Holman. (check out my review.) This is the best of the best! Well, now Holman is giving us another choice in this spectacular Bible. It is now available in the NKJV! How exciting! This too is right there at the top of my faves. 

Something different from my copy of the HCSB translation is here in the NKJV the Words of Jesus are printed in red. This I absolutely love. Everything else is pretty much exactly like the HCSB Study Bible. 

received a hardback copy and I just love it. The Bible looks exactly as the jacket. 

I also love that it holds so many study notes. I've yet to see a Bible with such a vast array of study notes. The maps are exquisitely bright and give great detail. The concordance is so valuable. I can go to the concordance and find everything I need. It is an easy Bible to understand and study. Love the vivid color photographs. The time line is super helpful in study. There too are many contributors that give essays on a varied array of subjects that are practical and theological. 

In the opening of each Book we are given the background and the basic structure of the Book. It's easy to read here and have a greater understanding of the purpose of the Book. Another great highlight for me is the illustrations and charts. These are a wonderful tool in the study of the Bible. We are able to understand the life and times of when the Book was written. 

I put this Bible side by side my HCSB Study Bible and they are almost identical. The backgrounds and colors are different. The HCSB is colorful and eye catching. The NKJV is more minimalist. I suppose you could also look at this as there is nothing to distract you from reading the Word of God. It has very clean lines and the script is super easy to read. Visually this is a very classic style. 

I have been blessed to review many Bibles over the years and I can tell you that this Bible is excellent. If I was to purchase a Study Bible for my children it would be from Holman. This makes for a great first Bible. So, it comes down to which translation you prefer. I love to study with both translations. It just gives me a greater understanding of the Word. I simply cannot say enough about how amazing this Bible truly is. 

This excellent Study Bible was a gift from B&H Publishing for sharing my review with you. 


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