Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ask Me Anything, Lord (Opening Our Lives to God's Questions) by Heather C. King

Heather C. King brings us a wonderful soul searching book. Her book, "Ask Me Anything, Lord" came out in November 2013. I received this book for review and found it to be right on time. Don't you love when God does that? 

"Do you want to delve deeper in our relationship with God? Do you want to become a vessel fit for His use and designed to bring Him glory? Do you want to stop hiding from Him in shame? Do you want to clean out the closets of your heart? Do you want to received the fullness of the blessing He's intended for you? Then journey with me through the questions that God asked in Scripture. He asked them of people just like you and me. People who were not perfect and sometimes had secret sins they were trying to hide. People He was calling into revolutionary, powerful ministry, but who first needed to know that He could and would equip them for their calling. And now He asks them of us, Christ followers on a journey to Christlikeness." 

Heather gets personal. She shares personal stories from her life. She brings us personal stories from scripture of those who found God asking them questions. She also asks us questions. Deep questions that only bring us to seek Christ more and more. This is one of the most reflecting books I've had the pleasure of reviewing. What I love about Heather is that fact that she goes below the surface. She goes deep. Deep into the heart. 

I am a chatterbox with the Lord. I'm often asking Him question after question and telling Him all of my desires, but there are times when I don't give Him room in my life to truly answer. But what Heather helps me see is the fact that God asks some pretty amazing questions. Sometimes I'm too busy to hear His whispers, so He speaks louder until He has my attention and there are many ways He will get my attention. What I learn from Heather is through allowing myself to hear God's questions much growth can come. I have to have patience and understand that when He asks a question there is purpose behind it. The purpose is for me to seek Him more and to open my life up to all of Him. 

I connected with Heather throughout these pages. Maybe because she is so real and there isn't anything fancy about her words. Nothing there to distract me from the truth of the message. They are simply beautiful words that flow from a woman of God, who has a desire to bring others to understand the truths that she has found.  The words flow so easily it brings the reader to feel as if she is sitting across from Heather with an open Bible for study. 

We often wrestle with questions such as, "Where we are to be?" or "What we are to do in life?"  In our day to day lives that shout busy, God is asking questions. I need to turn off all the junk in my life and tune in to His voice. 

One chapter that stands out for me is the chapter entitled, "Truly Trusting". Heather shares her own personal story of waiting on the Lord and learning to trust Him, but she also shares the story of Hagar. After each chapter Heather brings about a few points for us to ponder over. Make it Personal, Make it Connect, Make it Real, and Make it Last. This is the time for the reader to dive into the Word and live out what you have just learned. 

This is a book I highly recommend. It could even be used as a great small study guide. I can't wait to see what's next for Heather C. King. She is truly a woman on a mission to share the love of Christ and teach others how to draw near to Him. 

This book was a gift from Discovery House Publishers for sharing my review with you. 

Heather C. King is a Bible study teacher, women's ministry leader, and blogger with a desire to help others apply God's Word to the clutter, noise, and busyness of everyday life. She lives in Virginia with her husband and four children.


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