Saturday, February 1, 2014

You're Going To Be Okay by Holley Gerth

I have been blessed to read every book penned by Holley Gerth. Each book although totally different all have the same theme; pointing us closer to our Jesus. Through Holley's words we truly see a woman of God. A woman with a passion to reach other women for the glory of God. 

Holley shares such encouragement. She inspires us by sharing truths from her own life. In reading the words penned by Holley you really do feel like she is a friend. A sister in Christ we can truly connect with because she is real and transparent. 

"Once you know who you're not, it's time to ask God one of the most important questions of all: "Who am I?" Perhaps there's no more important time for seeking these answers than when we're in the middle of a bad day or a hard season. We lean into God's heart and ask, "Who am I in spite of this? Tell me what's true about me no matter what happens." I love how Hebrews reassures us, "It is impossible for God to lie" (6:18). Your circumstances will lie to you. Your emotions will lie to you. Even other people will lie to you. But not God. And because of this, "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure" (6:19) Your identity is secure. Nothing going on in your life can change it." 

"Whatever your going through now is adding to your stash for tomorrow too. Right now it may just feel like frustration and heartbreak. But God won't let this hurt or hard time to unused. The only difference between a lump of coal and a diamond is time and a lot of pressure. What seems worthless now may become a source of great treasure in your stash later." 

A few things I connected with is that Holley shares that we at times sabotage ourselves. We have these ultimate expectations that we set for ourselves that only creates for us a place where we are stuck in pity. There is emotional, social, spiritual, and physical sabotage. She too shares the myths that hold us back. Myth no.1 is that, the promise land is only in heaven. Wow, this was huge for me. "Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full", (John 10:10). He didn't say an easy life. He didn't say a self-indulgent life where all your wishes are granted. He didn't say a life free from pain. But He did say a full life. One of joy, peace, love and hope. It's not only possible. It's promised." 

This book holds so much valuable information for the heart. Another great point to this book is the study that is included in the back. She asks some amazing and poignant questions that make the heart stir and move. This is a book I would encourage you to grab up. This would be a great personal read or even one for a small group study. This is a book to totally take your time with. It isn't one to hurry through at all. 

Holley leads us to scripture and to Jesus by showing us that we are not alone and yes, we are going to be okay! 

This book was a gift from Revell for sharing my review with you. 

Holley Gerth is a bestselling writer, certified life coach, and speaker. She loves connecting with the hearts of women through her popular blog and books like You're Already AmazingYou're Made for a God-Sized Dream, and Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream. She's also cofounder of (in)courage and a partner with DaySpring. Holley lives with her husband, Mark, in the South. Hang out with her at


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