Wednesday, January 1, 2014

When Mountains Move by Julie Cantrell

When I posted my review of, "Into The Free", (check out my review), I shared with you that it was the best book I've read all year. Friends, get ready. I'm about to tell you the sequel is just as spectacular! It's a new year and I have started it off right by reading the sequel, "When Mountains Move".

This novel leads off with the continuing story of Millie and her husband, Bump. The same characters are here to take the journey with us, plus a few new ones that are going to impact you in a great way. These characters add to Millie's journey. They are powerful to her story and they help create the woman of God that she is.

This story has everything. Love, faith, loss, friendship, forgiveness, redemption, are just a few. Romance, family, friendship, joy and anger. With each chapter that passed I was on the edge of my seat.

As I shared in my review of, "Into The Free", it left me wanting more. I couldn't wait to begin reading the sequel. I love when a writer brings us to the core of the characters. Julie goes beyond the surface and takes us on a heart journey that makes the reader feel as if your right there with Millie.

We learn what secrets can do. Millie learns to trust completely. She faces her greatest demons head on while on an unexpected trail. She learns to let go and let God. We accept the joys of life with great anticipation and thanks. But my journey with Millie has helped me to understand even more about our journey. We too must accept the trials of life. Before we know it we are no longer looking back, but looking forward. While reading this beautifully penned novel I have a greater understanding that it isn't the mountains that move at all. It's me that moves.

As I opened this book and read the first page I knew I was going to take a great adventure into the unknown with Millie. As I closed the last page tears filled my eyes. I was no longer wanting. I was completely filled. Julie leaves nothing behind. She gives the reader a front row seat to a spectacular story. A story that you are sure to find yourself in. 

This is one I cannot wait to pass on to a friend. If your looking for a great read this is a must, but I encourage you to begin with, "Into The Free", so you can capture Millie's beginning. This story belongs on the big screen. Yes, it's that good!!

This book was a gift from David C. Cook for sharing my review with you. 

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