Monday, April 1, 2013

31 Rays of Hope by Hollie Marie

I am the owner of many devotionals. I just can't seem to have enough. There are always one or two by my bedside. They can add joy and clarity along our journey. They point us to the Word of God and can lighten our load in just a few minutes over a cup of coffee. The latest devotional for me to review is, "31 Rays of Hope", by new author, Hollie Marie.

This is a small devotional. Tiny in package, but full of joy. Thirty-one devotionals that lead us to hope. Hollie takes us on a thirty-one day journey and gives us valuable lessons through such topics as, Let your light shine, It's only thanks, To speak or not to speak, The faith factor, Power in the name, Super friends and many more. She brings scripture to the forefront of each devotional and she gives us the option of additional reading on the subject if we would like to dig a bit deeper.

What I enjoy most is the prayer she adds at the end of each devotional. That's a time for me to reflect upon the gem she has just shared and bring me to a conversation with the Lord.

I love a devotional that can point me straight to God's Word and give me something new to ponder throughout the day.

I enjoyed this devotional. I would like to thank Hollie for my copy she sent me as a gift for doing this review.

Hollie Marie lives outside of Atlanta in Georgia. This is her first published devotional, althrough she has been sharing them with readers for the past ten years. Read more of her devotionals on her blog, Shades of Sunshine.


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