Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible by Thomas Nelson

I was searching for Max Lucado's devotional Bible and was having a hard time finding it. I had heard it was simply amazing. So, I kept searching with no luck. However, I came across his study Bible. Friends, let me tell you, this is one spectacular study Bible. I started reading and didn't want to put it down. So, I have made a plan to work through one chapter a day.

I too was searching for some great new studies. With this new Bible my search is over. There are over 1,000 life lessons in this Bible. I find that outstanding. This is just what I have been searching for. First I should say that I purchased the hardback copy and it looks exactly like the jacket. I was totally surprised at how pretty it is on the inside. Very eye catching and inviting.

I am finding that every chapter in the Bible is covered by Max's life lessons. He begins with an introduction to each book of the Bible. He makes it very personal.  Max has this flow with his words and has a gift to bring a powerful insight straight to your heart. I have learned something totally brand new each time I have opened this Bible. It's like I'm uncovering the Bible in a whole new way. I'm excited to begin my study each morning.

The life lessons include an explanation of the situation, the observation, inspiration, application, and exploration. That would be enough if it ended right there, but amazingly there's more! It is jam packed with inserts of, Christ Through The Bible, snippets that give an extra look into the scripture.

This Bible includes, "He Did This Just For You Verses", "Spiritual Growth Verses", "30 Studies for New Believers", "The Big Picture: A 30 Day Overview to the New Testament", and a "Where to Turn When index". You can literally open the pages and remain hooked for hours. I can begin reading and lose track of time.

I have read most of Max Lucado's books and throughout this Bible are readings from those very books I enjoyed so much. This is truly a great tool for studying the Bible. This is written in the NKJV. This is a study Bible for everyone. It would make an amazing gift for someone this Easter. You can find it at Amazon and Thomas Nelson. In both places it is on sale. (If you click on the Thomas Nelson link you can check out an excerpt of the Bible.


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