Thursday, October 4, 2012

Everything by Mary DeMuth

When I seen that, "Everything", was up for review, I jumped in for the tour. When you think of a book penned by Mary DeMuth, you know it's going to be from the heart. This book is pure and written in the beauty of truth. Most of all, you know your going to walk away blessed. While reading this gem you really do feel as though your having coffee with Mary. It has that heart to heart feeling. When you walk away, you know that your cup in longer empty, but completely full.

You gotta love when a woman of God opens up and shares of her own life with others so that we might learn a bit more about our walk with our Savior. In reading, "Everything", my heart was stirred. I was moved by everything this book holds. I never bend pages in my books. I rarely write in them. I do have a few where I have highlighted parts that have blessed me. In this book, the pages are bent and the words are highlighted. I could stop right there and that would be enough to tell you how wondrous this book is. But there is so much more to share!

I'm just going to share with you a few of my favorites throughout the book.

"We are more winsome when we listen. When we hold back our temper, when we choose not to stir up strife for the sake of proving our "correctness". Our job is not to convince others of their wrongness and our rightness. It's not to change people's hearts. (We did not create anyone's heart as far as I know. Only God can change a heart.) Our job is to represent Jesus, how He talked, how He acted, how He loved, how He wooed."

"We are not saved to a checklist of acceptable behaviors. We are saved by an irresistible Savior, one who deserves our allegiance, our lives, and our hearts. He is the wooing God, not a manipulative, coercive deity."

"When we operate by considering Jesus as the well, drawing all to Himself, we can rest instead in His genuine irresistibly and His ability to draw others to Himself."

"Feel now how you'd like to feel someday.
 Play now like you'd like to play someday.
 Live now as you'd like to live someday.
 Risk now like you'd like to risk someday.
 Pray now like you'd like to pray someday.
 Give now as you'd like to give someday.
 Forgive now how you'd like to forgive someday.
 Rest now like you'd like to rest someday.
 Be now as you'd like to be someday."

"Why do people change? Because they want to. Because they're inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. Not because they are coerced, quilted, or forced."

"When we vow to live our lives a certain way, we subtract God from the equation of our lives. And when we vow to protect ourselves we rob God of His job."

"We want to live a life where we crave the things of God, hunger for righteousness, and worry more about what God thinks of our reputation than what others think."

"What we think about God, His world, and ourselves determines our growth story. If we have a low view of God, we will not go to Him to help or wisdom. If we overemphasize our depravity, we'll live in despair. If grace is the only aspect of God we embrace, we may veer toward a licentious lifestyle."

This is one of those books to share with others over coffee with your Bibles open. This read will spur you to seek more of Christ and it will encourage you on your journey with Christ.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for its review.


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