Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mondays With My Old Pastor by Jose' Luis Navajo

When I saw the cover of this book it tugged at my heart. When I read the description I just had to learn more. I knew this was a book I must review. To say I loved this book is not sufficient. I think this will be regarded as a timeless treasure.

Jose' finds himself weary. He asks the question we have all pondered at least once in our lives, "Perhaps I should dedicate myself to something else?" I treasured the wisdom penned across these pages. The love and passion that was brought to life between these two pastors is almost holy. Through these pages we see the Lord's presence and we see Him moving ever so graciously as Jose' finds that peace he has been seeking.

How wonderful these Monday afternoons must have been not only for Jose', but for his pastor. Jose' shares their intimate moments of conversation. This is pure friendship. We get a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Jose' and his pastor. We get to meet their wives too, who are also filled with great wisdom.

I love how God brought Jose' to this place and how Jose' brought us here, by simply sharing this wondrous message. This is one of those treasures I will return to over and over again for wisdom and inspiration. As the title shares, "Sometimes all we need is a reminder from someone who has walked before us".

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.

Jose' Luis Navajo did his studies in the Seminario Evang`elico Espan`ol, the Asociati`on de Formacio`n Teolo`logica Evang`elica, and the Escuela Biblica Salem. Today he is part of the pastoral team of the Salem Evangelical Church in Madrid, Spain. The pastoral ministry is his calling and vision: his other great vocation is literature, as he is an author of several books. He gives conferences, participates as a commentator on different radio programs, and is a column writer. He and his wife, Gene, have two daughters, Querit and Miriam.


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