Monday, May 21, 2012

"Women in High Def" (Boldy Living Your Purposes with Vibrant Clarity), by Diane Markins

Need some clarity? Maybe some inspiration and encouragement along the way of our crazy lives? We are forever busy, but what are we really busy with? Is God taking more space in our lives than anything else? Is He our priority?

Sometimes I need to take a break and pick up a book. My friend, Diane Markins, has written this newest gem of my collection of treasures, and has inspired me through story after story. Being a High Def Woman is surrendering all to God and standing in His promises and being witness to His glory. It's realizing we are imperfect and in need of a perfect Savior.

I love everything about Diane's new book. I love the foreword written by Kathi Macias. I love the dedication. The introduction is a huge blessing. Diane has placed a Bible study in the back and lists all those who have contributed this beautifully designed gem.

What happens when you give women room? Their gifts flourish and their passions ignite to show the glory of God. That's what happens in, "Women in High Def". Each page is filled with story after story of real women and stories that burn in your heart. Leaving you filled with inspiration and full of encouragement, but wanting more of God. After all, it's He who completes us and makes us, "Women in High Def".

Diane shows us how we can live with clarity and find God's purpose for our life among all the craziness life holds. Something I really loved about the book happens at the end of each story. There is a "My heart prayer" and  a "My friend prayer". That is one thing we can learn from Diane. A High Def Woman sees past herself and lifts up her fellow sisters in Christ. As women we seek affirmation and we can find that within these powerful words brought together by women wanting more. Ready to leave behind the norm and reach for excellence in a new way. You will be empowered by these words penned and find stories that you will think were written just for you.

You could read straight through this book or pick a topic that your heart is in need of today. If you are looking to sharpen yourself against the Word of God this would be a great tool for your journey. In our pursuits to walk as Christ we need to lift one another up and encourage each other with words that lift the heart. That is exactly what Diane has done.

This book was a gift from Diane Markins for it's review. It was an honor to read this book filled with pearls of wisdom.

You can find more about Diane and her work at her website, Words in High Def.

Check out the book and find it on Amazon today. Find Women in High Def on Facebook.


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