Friday, May 18, 2012

A Jumble of Thoughts Today

How are all of you? I have been away for a few days and I gotta tell ya, my mind has been churning and my heart has been full. One of my favorite places to be is right here in front of the keyboard writing. It's a time I get to spend with the Lord and feel a new peace wash over me.

I have been spending time with my grand daughter and since hubs has been laid off, he has been quite busy here at home being Mr. Fix it. I must share with you, being with my grand daughter and just watching my hubs gives me inspiration. Sometimes we just need to take the time to sit back and soak it all in before it disappears into a memory.

Time is so precious, isn't it? I realized how much time I simply waste on things that don't really matter. I think those days are over for me. At least for now, until I fall back into that pit. But the Lord will be there to draw me out once again. We allow such crazy things to take our time and capture it and then we sit back and think, "Gosh, I have no time for anything".

Change is always present in our lives. We choose at times to try to ignore it, but how long can we ignore change? Instead, why not embrace it? Take hold of it and say, "Okay Lord, I see change happening. What's Your plan here?" I am realizing more and more that I am not only in need of grace, but I need to give grace. I need less of this world and more of Him. How does that happen? I learn to let go of those things that don't have a lasting impact and grab hold of those that do.

Being a Christian, we are in the business of people. That's right. We are in the business of being lanterns of God's Word. He transforms us and we transport His love to those around us. It doesn't matter if we like or agree with those around us, but in God's Word, we are to love and serve. Not for ourselves, but for Him. I think we get lost in our own agenda at times. I know I do and I know I'm not alone.

Yesterday, I was blessed to spend the day with my Sunday School teacher, Ms. Joy. It is a day I will hold dear to my heart forever. It was one of those days I needed and she too. It was tender and fun. I walked away from our day changed. I came home with plants and trees to transplant. So hubs was needed for this. We spent the evening up until dark planting and then again this morning.

That made me realize the transporting and the transplanting that takes place on a daily basis of our lives. It's all up to us what we allow to come in and what we open up and give to others. It made me take a good and hard look at my walk with Christ.

He is doing so much in my heart right now. It is as though the blinders are being taken off and a whole new world is being revealed to me. It's not my job to understand everything in life. I don't even have to like everyone. I sure don't have to agree with everyone. But each and every person I come in contact with should first and foremost see Christ Jesus and His pure love shine through me.

This is a jumble of just a few things going on in my heart this morning. As I shared, I have been spending time with my grand daughter and it is amazing the lessons we can learn from little, bright eyed children, ready and eager to love and explore.

I am on overload in my reading and reviews. A friend asked how much I spend at the computer. She was blown away when I shared, "Some days, eight to ten hours". Writing takes time, but even more so, it's a journey. We can think we are writing for others, but in reality, we are writing for ourselves. I can sit back at times and clearly see God speaking straight to my heart.

Life at times is so confusing. We have issues in front of us and we try to figure out where we stand and what side should we be on. Just what happens when we don't agree with the majority? We risk and we step out past the boundaries and we live without limits! Yes, we live in  such a way that we should be courageous. We should be pioneers, ready to stand and back up what we believe, being fearless.

We don't have to hold our breath and wish upon stars. We need to let go of the worldly ideas and stand in God's Word. The more of Him we seek, the more of Him that will shine. Many times when we don't wait upon the Lord, and seek His will, we step out and everything falls apart. We think, "Didn't I do it right?" Our mistake? We didn't allow the Lord the room He needed.

So what do we do when we are tired and we fumble the ball? We allow God's grace to fall upon us. We allow it to wash us and soak up every ounce of all of Him. Isn't that the whole point? He should be our focus. When He is our focus that changes everything. When we lose sight of Him we lose sight of what life is all about it.

It isn't my job to fix the world and those things around me I do not understand. It isn't even for me to take my day and do as I wish. I should seek the Lord for His guidance in ALL I do, giving Him the room He needs to move me in the direction He seeks for my life. My job is to fix my eyes upon Him and love Him. In my growth I am learning when to step and when to stand still. I am learning to have peace in all things. It sure isn't easy when chaos is surrounding you, but isn't that the key, to find the Lord's peace even in the loudest of places?

Friend, wherever you are today, enjoy the moment. Seek the Lord and wait for His lead. Let the craziness go and take hold of His everything. Everything He has is for us to learn and grow and enjoy. Life is a choice and when it comes down to it, it's what we make of it and just think how much sweeter it could be with Jesus being the focus.


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