Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ready for a Challenge?

Today I am making a new challenge. I want to make an intentional change in my daily walk with Christ. I want to move out of my comfort zone. I want to make a difference in the lives of others. For the next 365 days I am challenging myself to do something nice for someone, friend or stranger.

We serve a God who places opportunities in front of us so He can shine. If I never move outside of my comfort zone and leave my fears behind I am never going to see those opportunities.

I am going to keep a journal for this journey of giving. I am sure there are days where my flesh will struggle, but isn't that what the walk with Christ is all about? It's a journey of moving outside of ourselves and moving closer to Him. It's not only a daily walk, but moment by moment, journey seeking all Christ has for us.

I mean,  it could be taking time to call  a friend to give encouragment to putting groceries in the car for another. The possibilities are endless. Just think what we can do with five extra minutes? Just think if everyone moved beyond themselves each day and gave five minutes of their time? All God needs is a minute of our time to bring change. All we have to have is a willing heart. The rest is boundless possibilities for God. There are no limits when we humble ourselves and give God the room He needs.

I think after we see His blessings begin to flow our time will move way past five minutes. Can we really put a time limit on God? All He needs is a willing vessel to move through. All we have to do is make ourselves availible.

As we move to help and serve others God gains glory. His love flows and reaches beyond our heart to touch the heart of another. When love starts flowing, joy begins to  bubble up, from the fountain of grace. You can't help but want to pass it on to another.

Will you take this challenge with me? I sure hope so. Just think what God can do and who doesn't need a blessing? I don't wanna focus on my mess. I want to reach beyond what my eyes can see. So friends lets shout to God and listen for his sweet whisper of guidance.

Lets begin the prayer, "God, I'm saying right now, today, You do the leading, and I will follow. Show me where to go and who to meet. Set my feet in motion for change and renew my faith in ways I can't even imagine. Lord, I want to be part of Your mission."

"Since you excel in so many ways-in your faith, your gifted speakers, your knowledge, your enthusiansm, and your love from us-I want you to excel also in this gracious act of giving. I am not commanding you to do this. But I am testing how genuine your love is by comparing it with the eagerness of the other churches. You know the generous grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, so that by His poverty He could make you rich."
2 Corinthians 8:7-9


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