Friday, May 4, 2012

"MOMumental" by Jennifer Grant

Jennifer Grant shares her perspective and her stories on motherhood and raising a family. Let me share with you a few sentences.

These days, instead of focusing on creating a conflict-free home, raising picture-perfect kids, and being an ideal mother-comprised of equal parts of June Cleaver, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Angelina Jolie- I have embraced a more realistic view of what I can and cannot do as a parent. this reality-based, "Velveteen parenting", includes, but is not limited to, the following general guidelines:"

After reading this statement and adding Angelina Jolie into the women as ideal mothers, she totally lost me. I was a bit let down as I read this book. I was expecting more and was left feeling a little empty as I closed the last page.

What did I take away from these pages? It's okay that we are not perfect parents. No matter how much we try it just simply isn't going to happen. God's grace washes over us and the more we can draw near to Him the better people we truly are. The most important lesson is not to compare yourself to another. We take the good, the bad and the ugly and reach for God's grace.

Jennifer Grant shares humorous stories about her family and does give some good advice throughout the book, but for the most part, it just wasn't for me. You may pick up this book and just love it and soak in the words and gain great insight. Remember, this is just my thoughts about the book.

This book was a gift from Worthy Publishers for it's review.

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Jennifer Grant is mother to four children and author of Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter (2011). For more than a decade she wrote for papers in the Sun-Times newsgroup. Currently she freelances for the Chicago Tribune and is a regular contributor to her.meneutics, Christianity Today magazine's blog for women. Grant is a Wheaton College graduate who received her master's in English and Creative Writing from Southern Methodist University. She lives outside of Chicago, IL.


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