Monday, December 19, 2011

THE SNOW ANGEL by GLENN BECK with Nicole Baart

If you are searching for that perfect Christmas read, this is it, my friends! This is the first book I have read by, Glenn Beck and it surely will not be the last. He brings us a story of hope and redemption. He brings to light the issue of abuse in a real way as a wife is not only trying to find her way, but protect the daughter she loves from the same abuse she has faced for years.

He brings fear to the forefront and shows that there is another way. Love. Love always casts out fear. We see how life comes full circle as God brings healing to those hurting hearts. Hurt people really do hurt people. There is so much sweetness to the story of, "The Snow Angel". It holds lessons of value and gives us a perfect picture of friendship and love. There is a time to step out and speak for those who are living in fear. I can share with you that this story really touched my heart.

I enjoyed this book so very much. I plan to pass it on to friends to enjoy throughout this season. Nicole Baart is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. Both of these talented people together bring a story that goes straight to your heart. Touching and poignant.

This book is published by Simon & Schuster


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