Friday, November 11, 2011

Tell Me About Yourself Award

What a sweet treat for a Friday. I have been given the Tell Me About Yourself Award by my new friend, Susan Panzica, from Eternity Cafe. Now, here's the thing. I am to share with you seven things about myself and then pass on the award to five friends. I think we are suppose to share some fun things and those that are not so fun.

Before I share, I want to thank, Susan, for giving this award to me. I too want to invite you to travel over to Susan's blog. It is just lovely and filled with encouraging words.

I love sharing. I don't think we share enough. We have become a people who simply hide everything inside. Afraid of what others might say or think. What if we were all just real with one another? Really, then people wouldn't think they were the only one going through something. They wouldn't think those quirky things were so quirky. I think the more we share, the more others will share. Imagine the blessings that will flow from simply sharing a tidbit or two about yourself!

So, here we go:)

1) I am a night owl and not a morning person at all. Now, after a cup of coffee I am good to go, but before then you might want to keep your distance.

2) I am freakishly on time. I am never late for anything. In fact, you will find me at least 15 minutes early to everything.

3) Just what drives me crazy? Loud chewers! lol You know who you are out there. Put me in a room with a loud chewer, a smacker and someone chomping on hard candy, goodness, that would simply be a mighty mess! Yes, I need to learn patience.

4) Winter is my favorite season. Fall comes in at second place. Rounding third is spring. The more snow the better! I am not a summer girl at all. I hate to sweat! lol Spoiled? You betcha! Yes, you could say I have some contentment issues need worked on.

5) I struggle with health issues. Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and panic attacks just to name a few. It has been a long road the past twelve years or so with health issues popping up out of no where. There are days I struggle to get out of bed and those that I am on top of the world. With me, I have had to learn to not allow the illness of the day to define who I am or take hold of what the Lord has in store for me that day. It can easily happen. You soon learn that life is out of your control. You never know which end is up on some days. So you learn to find blessings in everything. Believe me, this is an ongoing lesson. Praise the Lord we are a work in progress.

6) It has been hard for me to trust the Lord at different times in my life. I see something that isn't right, well, I want to fix it. Just call me the fixer. Yes, that's me, the girl who moves before she prays and then needs to excavate her foot from her mouth. This is an area He is at work on in my heart. That word, Surrender, has given me a panic attack or two. I am that girl who wants things to work out and I think I have the answers for that to happen. The Lord has had to nudge me out of His way a time or two. Three or four..He is teaching me that He is in control and everything that happens has it's purpose. After all, is there any safer place than in His hands? I am learning.

7) I love books, old movies, and music. I LOVE to dance in my living room and slide down the hallway in my socked feet when no one is looking. I hate fast food, and my biggest fears are June bugs and grasshoppers! I am fearful of swimming in water where I cannot see my feet. This girl has gotta see her feet! I am a lotion freak and love shopping for that purse that is just shouting, "Pick me, pick me!" My husband still makes my heart pitter patter. My children deserve more than I could ever give and my grandchildren take my breath away. to give this award to some wonderful friends.

Christie Love at Love Notes

Debbie Dillon at Writin' For Him Cafe

Lisa Buffaloe at Lisa Buffaloe's Blog

Okay, ladies, now it's your turn to share. I hope you will accept this award from me. Each of you bless me and am so grateful the Lord has placed you in my life. You gotta love how He works!

Friends, I hope you will hop over to each of these blogs. These ladies all share from their heart. They write with such passion and they all have one thing in common. They love their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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