Friday, July 29, 2011

There's love in them actions

We face the day with trepidation. We want to soar, but we are not quite sure we can make it off the the ground. We wake wanting to feel refreshed and all we feel like doing is crawling back under the blankets. No one really knows what we are facing. We have kept quiet for so long. We don't want others knowing. We don't want pity. We just need love. We need someone to care. Does anyone care?

Just think what would happen if all we did was love. I mean really unselfishly love those around us. We would see friends soar. We would witness miracles happen as people threw off their worries and grabbed a hold of the hope that is no longer out of reach.

Think you can't encourage another? Is it just not your gift? I think we just don't think we can be of much help. What would we say? We can all encourage. It's simple. Send a text of just, "Hello, I'm thinking about you." Email one across the miles. Pick up the phone and let another hear your voice of compassion. Send a card to make one smile. Ask a friend over for lunch. Hop on in your car and visit that girl friend you haven't seen in ages. Give a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant. Share a favorite book that changed your life. Just give of your time. Time shows another you love them. Reaching out shows one you care. Most importantly pray for that friend in need. You never know just what your one act of encouragement will do for another. God has perfect timing and He wants you to allow Him to move through you. He wants us to be His hands and feet. Encouragement is a gift we all could use more of. Don't you think? Encouragement brings life to a troubled soul and gives us the motivation to make it through one more day. One more hour. One more minute. Open your heart to another and see just what God can do with a little of your time.

E Elevated
N New
C Courageous
O Over-Flowing
U Unity
R Rejuvenated
A Alive
G Grateful
E Equipped
M Mighty
E Excited
N Nurtured
T Thankful


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