Saturday, July 2, 2011

DIAGNOSIS DEATH (Prescription For Trouble Series) by RICHARD L. MABRY, MD

This is the first book I have read in the, Prescription For Trouble Series, and I must say, it ROCKED! I kept turning pages into the night until I was finished. For all of you who love suspense this book is for you. If you love watching those medical dramas you too will enjoy this read. Who doesn't enjoy reading a book more than watching television anyway? I know I do! There is something exhilarating about turning pages deep into the night as you try to figure out, "Who done it?"

We meet, Dr. Elena Gardner, and follow her through the twists and turns as chaos seems to follow her. Elena's a widower of six months now. Six long months of learning how to grieve. As she is trying to move forward there is someone lurking in the shadows of her life. Calling nightly at the same time. As, Elena, picks up the phone, all she hears is the sounds of crying. But there is more, oh so much more!

As her husband died in the ICU, something happened that, Elena, cannot remember. She wrote the DNR and signed it, but she can't remember if she pulled the plug. A phrase that is not welcomed. Everything seems okay, until it happens to another and yet another. Elena doesn't know who to trust and who to fear. Her residency has quickly ended and she is moving on to practice with another doctor. They quickly form a close relationship and Elena opens up to her telling her all the strange activities that keep happening around her. She thought when she left the hospital and moved on everything would come to an end, but now more than ever, Elena, is fearful.

Mabry is astounding at the medical detail  he brings to these pages. It was like a real life suspense filled drama unfolding before me. But, unlike other suspense books I have read, I didn't know who did it until the last chapter! You are literally on the edge of your seat. I am now a Mabry fan for sure!

Elena is one of those characters you fall in love with. You see her struggle as she tries to overcome her grief. There are so many lessons to carry away from this book. Most of all, I think, be true to yourself. Stay grounded in your faith and believe God will see you through. Even in those dark times when we walk through the unknown. He will shine a light of truth before our steps.

"Code Blue" is the first in this series, followed by, "Medical Error." Next to be released is, "Lethal Remedy."

Richard L. Mabry, M.D. is a retired physician and medical school professor who achieved worldwide recognition as a writer, speaker, and teacher before turning his talents to non-medical writing after his retirement. He is the author of Code Blue and Medical Error, the first two novels in The Prescription for Trouble series, one non-fiction book, and his inspirational pieces have appeared in numerous periodicals. He and his wife, Kay, live in North Texas. Visit Dr. Mabry at his website:

This book was a gift from Abingdon Press for it's review.


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