Thursday, June 16, 2011


First, friends if you have yet to pick up a, Lisa Wingate book, you are missing out! This girl can write. Yes, she is at the top of my favorites list and this book? Oh, you are going to love it. Dandelion Summer is powerful, poignant and has characters that pack a punch. It had my attention at the very first page and held my heart until I closed the last. Leaving me with a overwhelming feeling of hope. We have Miss Epiphany Jones, Epie as she likes to be called and we have J. Norman Alvord. Two characters, both trying to find themselves in a world that is telling them who they are.

Epie, is a teenage girl, living on the low rent side of Blue Sky Hill. Her momma doesn't much care about anything she does. She is tossed around and ignored by all at school. She has begun to believe she has no value. Until that is, she meets, J. Norm. The chemistry between these two characters is breathtaking. J. Norm lives in an upscale neighborhood, one Epie, only dreams of. J. Norm is an elderly man, who has lost his wife and feels as though he has lost at life. His daughter is trying to take care of him. Lets say, she's trying to fit him into her schedule and world. They have a communication break down.

Epie's momma is hired to clean the home of J. Norm and mentions she has a daughter looking for work. Epie is hired to cook for J. Norm and stay with him in the evenings. Neither character knows the impact they are about to have on one another. They form a friendship. A bond of togetherness that they have been missing. I laughed and I cried as these two characters exposed their hearts and were able to open up and find themselves amidst the secrets holding them captive.

There are secrets in each of their lives. Family secrets that are deep. As they have no idea and little time as how to uncover these truths, together they form a united front to, "Have each other's backs", as Epie would say. If only we all had an, Epie or J. Norm in our lives. Maybe we do, we just haven't uncovered them yet. Nothing is of chance. God brought these two people together for great things and it is awesome seeing just how God works when we open our hearts and give Him a chance to show us all He is and all we are.

I encourage you to come. Come and find out the journey, Epie and J. Norm, take together. Love, friendship, redemption, grace, forgiveness. Most of all, finding themselves through opening their heart to another. They find all they are looking for and more.

This book was a gift from Lisa Wingate.

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