Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This just might be the most amazing study I have had the pleasure of reading. If you have a daughter this book is one you must go out and pick up now. Let me share a little about it with you. I have been reading, "Raising A Modern Day Princess", along with the journal, "Becoming A Modern Day Princess." Together these wonderful books will lead your beautiful daughter into knowing and understanding she is a princess to the King of kings. It is so valuable to teach our daughters to love themselves. In doing so we give them a great advantage in growing into the women they were created to be.
I would say this study is even for women. Not only women who are raising their own daughters, but women who missed out on the love and encouragement they so needed. So many times we don't have the leadership we need to be the women of God we are called to be. We don't have those mentors to guide us through those difficult moments in life. I know when I was growing up no one spoke of virtue and sexual purity. I believe my mom was embarrassed to speak of those subjects, but those are the very things we need to be open to talk about. Our daughters are searching. When I was young you got advice from friends and found yourself searching on your own for the answers you were curious about. Today, we have this great guide to help us reach out. They use the principals of the bible to lead, guide and direct us into healthy relationships.

This is a coming of age book, but so much more. It teaches values and leadership qualities. It is a teaching tool to help us see just how beautiful we are. One of the quotes found is this: "I think the biggest disease the world suffers from  in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved." Diana, Princess of Wales

This book is not just for mothers and daughters, but fathers and daughters. I was a daughter that knew my dad loved me, but he never expressed that love in an affectionate way. I never heard the words, "I love you", until he was dying with cancer. Daughters need the love of their father. They need to feel that love. If not, they will seek it in other ways. We all want to be loved and accepted. "Expressing my love to my daughter brought me to tears; I now see her as a young woman and need to treat her that way." Roger B. Father of a modern day princess.

This is a faith-based study. One that not only leads young women to be virtuous, but leads them to a closer relationship with the Lord. Calling upon Him for wisdom and knowledge. Using the teacher guide, this can be a 10 week study. You can simply read the book and gain great wisdom and insight. You can use the journal to go along with it. I would recommend using the journal. It opens us a whole new world for sharing. It teaches us to let go and to be real with one another. You could do this as a family or a group study. You can find all the resources at http://www.treasuredcelebrations.org/

This book holds many topics such as:
How do you make friends?
Do you find it difficult to obey your parents?
Who do you know or have read about that you would consider a great example?
Are your feelings always correct?
What are your dreams?
What is beautiful to you?
And many more questions that open up doors for discussions that only lead us in growth.
I simply love the journal. It is jammed packed with stories and lessons that encourage us to go deeper.

We see the story of Esther and Ruth, along with many more. It is filled with wonderful insights brought together by Doreen Hanna and Pam Farrel. We find who we are by personality profile. This surprised me. As I took this little quiz and wrote my answers I found myself a social butterfly. Who knew? They challenge us to find our strengths and to look at our weakness'.

God has great things planned for our daughters. We can be part of that in teaching them to follow Him in all they do. "Young people need to know that we adults struggle in our relationship with God, too! Don't be afraid to share your personal ups and downs in your Christian walk if the Lord leads you to. You will be amazed at the level of intimacy and trust your openness can create." Our daughters just need us to be real. All young women need women and men of God to reach out to them, teaching them how special they. This study is one that can help us. It is a study of celebration. The celebration of beautiful girls turning into beautiful women before our eyes.

This book was a gift from Doreen Hanna for it's review.


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