Friday, April 15, 2011


Susan has compiled a ten week study. The title says it all. Through this study we find our pure purpose. Our very purpose we are all searching for. The sad thing is we are all searching in the wrong places. We seem to settle, when God is calling us to more. We should be going straight to the Lord for all we are to be. In our searching we tend to muddy the water with our selfishness so that we are not seeing clearly. In doing so only certain things seem to stand out. Through this study, Susan, takes us deeper, below the muck and mire. As we learn, the ripple effect occurs and we are now touching others with all we have learned. We are becoming who we were created to be.

Each week has it's own theme and each day is a lesson that opens our heart, preparing us for the next. One of my favorites is week eight. It is entitled, "Authenticity". Beginning from day one it teaches us; Making it personal #1 Masks, Making it personal #2 Reflection and Action, Making it personal #3  Genuineness, Making it personal #4 Reflection and Action,  and Making it personal #5 Discernment.

When we get to the Reflection and Action it gives us scripture verses to guide us. Verses to reflect upon and then room for us to act upon all we have learned. If you are looking for a study that brings out your gifts and brings you closer to who you are in Christ, this study is for you my friends. I am loving this study. As I read through it my eyes are brought to so much that the Lord is teaching me. I am learning to be faithful. To be patient. To search God's lessons and mercies each day. He is forever pointing me toward Him. All I must do is seek my pure purpose to find all I am in Him.

This study was given to me by Susan H. Lawrence for it's review.

Would you like to know more about, Susan? She shares her passion and mission in our interview, "Lets Chat Friday with Susan Lawrence."


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