Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just in case your wondering about Lets Chat Friday

Hi friends, are you wondering where Lets Chat Friday has been? Well, Lets Chat Friday is still very much a part of Robin's Nest. In fact, I am taking the rest of April to bring together wonderful interviews for the entire summer months!! I am really excited about all that God is doing.

When I began Lets Chat I asked everyone the same twelve or so questions. That was really fun and interesting to see just how different everyone responded. We have been blessed by such amazing women and men willing to share their stories of struggle, life and faith. I am now asking more intimate questions and digging a little deeper. This summer is going to be a blast! Beginning May 5, we have, Krista Dunk, visiting. She will share her life and also the new ministry of LeadHer. We also have, Carrie Beth Stoelting, Heather Funk Palacious, Christie Love, Susan Reinhardt and JoJo Tabares. I am honored to have these ladies and many more come by to chat with us. I love seeing how God is moving through His children. All He needs is a willing vessel.

So stay tuned. More blessings are coming. What would you ask? Who has been a blessing to you? What subjects would you like to hear about? Share with me. I would love to hear from you. If you would like to be guest or know someone who would be wonderful to highlight send me an email. Lets get in touch and share heart to heart. It is when we share that Christ shines through and blesses in the most unexpected places.


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