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Can I make a withdraw, please?

When our kids were all little they didn't quite understand when they had a want and mommy didn't have money in her hand. I remember them saying, "Just write a check, momma." They just assumed I could write any amount in that blank and it would appear before us ready to be used any way we chose. Whether it was a new toy, a lunch time treat, or that shiny pair of shoes just waiting for their feet, they simply thought, "Just write a check."

In trying to explain to a child that just because you have a checkbook doesn't mean you can write one and sign your name at anytime. Well, I suppose you could if you want to find yourself in jail soon. The more I would say, "Honey, I don't have money right now", the more I would hear, "But, just write a check."

Do you ever feel the same way? It seems we live in a "Now world". We don't want to wait. We want what we want right now no explanations given. We all have bills that come in each month. We all have money going out and it never seems there is quite enough coming in. Maybe if so much wasn't going out for unnecessary things we could have more in our fund.

We have always had a savings account. It was filled each week as my husband placed his check into the bank. If something came up there was always a reserve. That safety net if you will for us to fall back on. After losing his job over two years ago, it didn't take long for that reserve to grow empty. Your left holding many checks, but as much as you wish, you can't sign your name and just make all those bills go into the accounts paid pile.

Although my withdraws are limited, Gods are not. He is steadfast and true. I am reminded of the widow woman and her young son. Elijah comes to her home and although she is low on food. Okay, more than low, there is only enough for one meal and what does Elijah say? He wants her to fee him first? Hello, Mr. Elijah, but what about my son? Any mother would want to make sure her son was fed first. But this widow does as Elijah asks. She makes a meal. She not only feeds Elijah, but herself and her son. Each day as she goes to the bin of flour it is never used up. There is always more. Enough for that day. 1 Kings 17:8-16 Listen to what Elijah tells her. "And Elijah said to her, 'Do not fear; go and do as you have said, but make me a small cake from it first, and bring it to me; and afterward make some for yourself and your son. For thus says the Lord God of Israel; 'The bin of flour shall not be used up, nor shall the jar of oil run dry, until the day the Lord sends rain on the earth.'" 1 Kings 17:13-14

What faith! She was never sent a notice saying, "Your account is over drawn. Pay up!!" She was sent a great message of faith instead. Believe in Me and I will supply ALL your needs. Did she have any extra? No, I don't see where she was able to go out and purchase that new purse she wanted, but she had ALL she needed. How many times do I allow my wants to over shadow my needs? How many times do I find myself not asking God for my needs because I feel like I am not worthy? If I am honest with you. A whole lot! I am not so sure I would have fed Elijah first. But that part of, "Thus says the Lord God of Israel", says it all. When God calls us to move on His behalf, there are no limits to what He can do or will do!!

Why do we place limits upon Him? We either just don't believe or we don't think we are worthy. On both accounts we are wrong. We must believe. We must have faith. In reality, what do we have to lose? Really? We place our faith in so much here on earth and we forever come up empty. Why not place our faith in the One who never runs dry? He loves us so much, He paid our debt. Not only a portion. Not only a months payment. He paid it in full!!

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 6:23

"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Now, is God a bank where we can go to Him for each and every desire we have? No, He isn't our genie in a bottle. We can't rub His tummy and have a tree appear covered in money. Everything isn't going to be covered in whipped topping to our liking for every wish. Something better happens. Something even bigger happens. God teaches us our needs. He shows us how invaluable our wants are and just how important our needs are. It's not wanting a new purse that matters. It's why I want the new purse. For me, it is likely to be because I am feeling blue and I think this new purchase is going to make me feel better. I should be going to God to replenish my account instead of searching for it in the purse aisle. Is there anything wrong with wanting a new car? Not at all. Do you need one? Or are you looking to drive through the neighborhood having everyone say, "Wow, I wish I was driving that"? Hmm. That changes the view point, doesn't it?

We place so much happiness in the things of this world. He is forever trying to get me to see that it isn't the things of this world that bring lasting joy. It is giving Him room to do big things in my life that matters. If I am always hunting down all my wants I totally pass up my needs. He knows my every need. Sometimes what I think I need is totally off because I am confusing my needs and my wants. If I totally trust God in all, He will not only show me my needs, but bless me with extras that I never even imagined!!  I don't need a new pair of shoes to make me feel special. I need a new pair of shoes to cover my toes from the cold. There is a huge difference. When we trust God in the little things we might just be surprised at the unlimited supply of gifts He really does have for us. We just spend too much time looking in the wrong places.

Jesus is always replenishing our account. Everything we need is already there. There are no unanswered prayers. He hears every single one as if it was the only one. Sometimes He says yes and others He says no. We may not always understand those no's, but we must get to a place in our walk with Him that we trust His answer for all in our life. When we finally do we are going to find ourselves rich in joy. We are going to see that our account is overflowing with blessing after blessing.

As my husband is out searching for work today I believe God has something big for him. Here we are once again jobless. In this economy it isn't hard to find neighbors in need. Thousands are out searching. But I have come to know no matter what today brings Jesus is here. He is providing. He is caring. No need is being unmet.

My husband's Dodge truck has been sitting in our drive way where it has been broken for months. Over seven months now that truck hasn't moved one inch. Hasn't even started. We have been waiting for money to get it fixed. Two weeks ago my husband had a feeling. He didn't understand why, but he grabbed the keys and headed for that truck. He put the key in and it started right up!! My husband didn't believe it. He shut the truck off and sat there, thinking, "What just happened?" He put the key in again and it started right up once again. Friends, that truck has been running every since. He has driven it every day!! God does mighty things with faith. We must trust Him. That truck broke down right in our drive way, which we thought was a blessing. Right there in that same spot it started right up again.

God is forever teaching us that He is real. He is always with us. When we think our account is empty, God, is there to show us, "Go check again."  To make a withdraw is simple. All we have to desposit is our faith!!


Tina Wetor said…
Robin, my day was so awful, I have been so upset about my needs, God keeps reminding me He will met them. What a beautiful confirmation to me? Thank you Jesus for your love.
jill said…
As a 61 yr old I know that times are rough now. I think younger folk have had more luxury growing up than they can afford on their own.(for the most part) When I was a stay at home mom with my 2 children the only nights out were pot lucks with other friends and child. Only an anniversary present would get us out to a show. We wore the same blue jean jumpers to church week after week. Everyone did then. Most church moms were stay at home mom in the same boat.
We didnt have a color tv til I was 36. I didnt by stuff from the kids who came by with stuff from school to sell.(wow feel in cheap) I was not something we needed. I do remember some wealthy friends that would pick up my lunch bill after telling them I could not go out to lunch. Receiving blessings is sometimes the hardest thing to
do. I did have a car that was my luxury we could visit and go to the park. Those were the best days of my life so far!!!
Robin Prater said…
Jill and Tina, thank you both for your comments. I love when others are blessed and can relate.

Blessings to you both:)

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