Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Dad and the Steelers

As the Super Bowl approaches Sunday it brings back such fond memories of my childhood. Yes, I was a football girl. I was the Steelers biggest fan. Why? My dad of course. We would watch the games together each weekend and when the Steelers were playing it was something to watch my dad cheer for them as they ran each touchdown.

It was a time when they really played football. In the snow and sleet. The cold temps that brought your breath to the open air to see. The Steelers had grit. They had determination. I could of told you each player on the field and don't dare say anything against Terry Bradshaw. No way. He was the man!!

Maybe it was just a different time altogether. I haven't watched much football since then. It was somehow just too hard to watch and remember. As my dad died when I was nineteen it impacted my life forever. Losing a parent is just something you never get over. Does it get easier? No not really. But you learn to live your life and live each day with purpose. You learn to allow the memories you have to bring healing to your heart. I think even after all these years my heart is still healing.

As the Steelers were filled with grit and determination that too is what my dad had. During his life with cancer I witnessed what true grit really is. I saw determination in his eyes. I watched my dad live with purpose and grace. That illness that took his life was ugly and wanted no more than to take every amount of joy he had.

As those players would run out on that field not knowing if they would win or lose, they played the game to the fullest. They never gave up. They didn't quit and run the other way when the score was stacking up against them. They just played harder. They played with everything they had.

So, this Sunday I will watch the Super Bowl for the first time in many years. I will cheer on the Steelers. As I do I will go back home to the couch  where I sat next to my dad. With a beer in his hand and a smile on his face I will remember all those games we watched together and just how amazing my dad was.


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