Saturday, February 5, 2011


As I picked up,The Inheritance of Beauty, I was taken back to a different time and place. Beginning in the year of 1929. This book is like being a wide eyed child once again ready to have a fairy tale read to me. The Inheritance of beauty is enchanting, sweet, and filled with hope. This is a book for all ages. One to cherish as you soak in the words of each page. I have had the blessing of reading many books. This is one I will  treasure forever.

We meet Maggie and George who now live in a nursing home called Harmony House. Maggie is suffering from the loss of her memory. She is no longer able to communicate by speech, but she does so in her own way. As others might see her as gone and a shell of a woman, she is yet alive and sees through different eyes now. Eyes that have been through much joy and sadness. How one summer could change the lives of so many. George has loved his wife since they were children. He always knew they would marry. He just didn't think it would all end like this. George is diagnosed with cancer and only has weeks to live, but as he finds out his health is failing another man comes to Harmony House. Joe. Joe is like Maggie. So much is gone, but yet, so much life is there wanting to get out.

A package arrives for George and it is a beautiful portrait of his wife, Maggie. This is where the story changes pace. George is determined to find out who sent this package. He too is receiving letters from, Maggie's nephew. They are letters that Maggie's brother, Ash, wrote. In this series of letters we learn of their childhood. The memories come floating back to George. He now sees things he didn't see before. Like old, Joe, painting, leaving an open space. Something is missing from their lives. A piece of the puzzle that has been forgotten over time. Or has it just been pushed back so they could live?

We travel back through each of their lives. Each remembering, but it will take all of them together to gather all the pieces of the puzzle. As they are in living in Harmony House, Miss Annie, is caring for them. Miss Annie is part of the puzzle too. Along with an old cat that tags himself to those who are ready to pass on.

This is a book of sheer beauty. This is a tale about life, love, and friendship. It is about what has passed and what must be remembered to move on. As George thinks his fate is all set before him, God has much more in store for him and those around him.

Beauty is often taken as skin deep, but beauty lies in the hearts of those willing to give. Willing to live and those who open their lives up to others. Many things are inherited, but all is a choice.

This book was given to me as a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.


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