Friday, February 18, 2011


I have had great opportunities meeting people all over the world doing God's work. One of those women I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with is CeCe Morgan. She is a woman who inspires me to strive for bigger. God is so big and mighty. All He needs is a willing vessel and He can accomplish great things. Big things!! Your life shouts out, "Give more and to let God take the lead!" CeCe is in the mission fields of love. She is a woman who gives more than she takes. She opens her heart up so the Lord can flow through touching precious children. There are little ones across this world that are now being cared for because of the loving hands of CeCe. She has obeyed God and stepped out of her box to accept His calling to go and to teach. She will soon return to Kenya for more mission work. I don't think CeCe thinks of it as work though. It is the life God has called for her. A life of giving and reaching souls for the glory of God. It is my hope that you too are inspired by CeCe today.

CeCe, please tell us a little about yourself.
I am a believer and lover of Jesus Christ first foremost. I take stock in knowing who and whose I am in Him. I am a mother of a 23 year Son that I love very dearly. He is my rock and I his biggest fan! I enjoy meeting people and have a love for the little people in the world. I am a work in progress and continuously strive to do the best I can with what I have.

Could you please share your testimony with us?
I truly believe my misery became my ministry. I am a SURVIVOR! Pretty much I grew up as very happy girl in a very normal family. However, at the age of nine I was sexually abused by someone very close to our family. It has taken me seven years to say that sentence. The abuse continued for a few years and I became a very broken. I felt like I lost my happy. The abuse didn’t stop until we moved away and the person was no longer apart of the family. As I grew into a teenager I rebelled and became introverted. I kept this secret with me until I was about 20 years old and didn’t disclose until after watching an episode of Oprah Winfrey in the early nineties. My hurt has led me to helping other hurt children in the world. God has delivered me from some of the darkness places that I believe many people couldn’t return from.

In your journey as a woman what has been the most challenging?
The most challenging for me as woman has been allowing God to move on my behalf regarding my heart desire, which is my desire for a Godly husband. In the past I tried to make things work in my own strength, not realizing at the time we were unevenly yoke. Now I am learning with all the deception and hurt that I have been through; God is steadily rebuilding and redeeming me as a woman. I believe He is going to give me someone who truly loves me with all my faults & flaws, sometimes we just have to be still and wait on him.

Can you share with us just how you came to be in the ministry and when you heard God's calling?
I always knew I would do something with children and education, I just didn’t know it would ever end up in Africa helping orphan children. I was invited to go on a mission trip in 2007 to Kenya. Upon my visit I feel in love with the people and the county. Once I return home to the States I started to send over school supplies and care packages. While I was there teaching school, I saw children doing their homework in the dirt. Imagine the dirt is the tablet and the finger is the pencil. This image would not leave my head and I had to do something. It was then that I realized… me being invited to this country was orchestrated by God. I have been all over the world, working with some of the poorest children, but something about Kenya pulled at my heart. I fell in love. It was then that I knew this is it. This is your purpose, this is your calling.

I believe a mistake is only a mistake is we cannot walk away with a greater wisdom. Has there been a time in your life where struggle occurred from a poor decision and if so, how did you overcome?
Yes, I have deal with struggle from a bad decision and I felt like I was punished harshly for it. I have made bad business decisions impulsively without seeking God first and that have really caused some serious headaches and grief.

How do you define success?
Being able to look at you and love you the way Christ loves you. Unconditionally

Looking back, what advice would you give to yourself at the age of eighteen to prepare you for life ahead?
Not being afraid to be who you are as a person, regardless of how anyone views you.

With the new year beginning and spring right around the corner already, what are you hoping to accomplish in this year?
I pray the my projects in Africa go well (Orphanage )

What encouraging words would you share with someone going through loss?
Hurt until it feels better. Don’t suppress their feeling. Let everything out. Seek God face and unseen friends ( God’s angels)

My Pastor says, "If the Lord has done something for you the least we can do is say so." Dear friend, what is the Lord doing for you?
He is teaching me forgiveness and humility. That His unwavering love is covering me even when my back is against the wall. There is a sense of protection. He is my friend and protector

What empowering advice would you give to someone facing adversity?
Trust and stay in God word (Pray and obey) Adversity can bring out the addictions in us, i.e. drinking, smoking, etc. But wouldn’t it be cool if every time we had a problem we pick up the Bible instead of the bottle.

As women we wear many hats. We can feel at times we are juggling with one hand. How do you do it all? Where do you begin and what do you let go?
Honestly when I was leaving in Vietnam over the summer I started my days with prayer and cover every student desk in my classroom in prayer and planned my days. Now being back in States I feel like I don’t have time to even mediate. I am trying get back to balancing my days. If I don’t have time to be in God present my days are out of order. So to answer the question, I am trying to get back to order and balance and let go of things that are out of my control. We can’t do and be everything.

In your legacy what do you hope to leave behind?
Forgiveness, in addition, that I was able to meet people where they are in life.

CeCe, thank you for taking time to share with us. You are such a beautiful woman with a heart filled for serving the Lord. If only more people could be as loving as you more could be reached for the Kingdom of Christ. We can learn so much from you about giving. Through your life you inspire. God is creating new lives through your call to service. Thank you for all you do, CeCe. It is an honor to know you and so awesome to see God moving in great ways through you. Blessings to you sweet friend.  

Friends, I encourage you to take the time and check out the links below. CeCe is doing amazing work and we too can be part of the mission field.


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