Sunday, February 27, 2011

A gift of a life time from a special friend

What does a writer do? They write. They spend their day dreaming of what to pen. It has been my dream to attend an AFCW Conference for a few years now. This year the conference is in St. Louis and guess what? I am attending! I know, can you believe it? This girl who sits at her computer day and night is actually going.  Can you hear me shouting WooHoo? I don't think I have stopped shouting and praising God for His goodness.

Just how did this all come about? Well, a special friend made all this happen. Although I do not know all the details of how she made it happen I know without a doubt she has made me the happiest girl in the world right now. Who would have ever thought? I know I sure didn't. We should always expect the unexpected.  Everything is possible with God!! Philippians 4:13 I can tell you, Jen, and I have never met. We are miles apart, but have have hearts connected through our Savior and love of writing. What a gift!! A treasure. A gem. I think writing pal gals seem to have this bond that no other does. It is a bond of knowing what it is like to sit for hours penning words. Humbling yourself as God creates through you. It's sharing a passion that others don't quite understand. It's a friendship where you gain perspective and share just how awesome this passion really is. Words are powerful. Words are lasting. Words speak right to ones heart.

Sometimes all we need is for another to see our passion.  To see our dreams and reach out. That is exactly what Jen has done for me. She is a special woman who has brought the possibility of dream to life for me. One in which I could have never done alone. So, this September I will be attending my first ACFW Conference. I too get an added blessing. During this time I will be staying with my cousin, Melissa. How awesome is this? I will attend the conference each day and then share all the exciting happenings with my cousin at night!

I will be surrounded by writers!!  I cannot tell you how much this excites me. I don't think my smile has come off yet and I don't think it will any time soon. I want to learn this craft. I want to pursue this dream the Lord has instilled in me. I want to hear the stories of others when they too were just beginning and turn to them for wisdom. Writing is a journey. Right now, I have so many ideas spinning around in my head and on notes left all through my home. I would love write a devotional. A devotional like no other printed yet. I would like to pen a story that changes hearts and leaves a message that will live forever.
Dreams are meant to be lived out. I am living mine. At least I am beginning to embark on this new path. Maybe years down the road I will see my name on the cover of a best seller. Maybe God has other plans. Whatever those plans are I am willing to follow. I am excited to see just where He is taking me and this dream He has given me. Maybe this writing journey is all about finding myself through listening to my Savior. Maybe this is a healing path of the past and a learning stone to bring into tomorrow. I know with each piece I write I wonder how others will perceive it, but maybe, just maybe it is for me to take a glimpse at and see the path the Lord has brought me through. His goodness shines all throughout my life even when I didn't know He was present. I want to reach others all across this world with the gospel of Christ.  

I must be honest and say I feel out of my element. I am a bit nervous. Okay, really scared to death. LOL God doesn't set anything before us that He is first not preparing us for. I am trusting in Him all the way. As I sit here in my jammies with my big cup of tea I write. I write early in the morning and late at night when all is quiet. I think what is most important to me is that I follow Christ. I write what He is calling me to write. That I use my pen to glorify Him through all things.

Thank you Jennifer. Thank you for giving me a gift I do not deserve but will treasure forever. A gift that will only grow into more as I see God move before me showing me the way. Blessings to you sweet friend for helping me to see my path and being there to guide me through this journey of the unknown. Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me on a journey of a lifetime.


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