Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The The Trouble With Brides is three novels in one volume. I happen to love books that come packaged into one. As soon as I am finished with story I don't have to wait. I can just jump right into the next story. That is exactly what I did here. The first book, A Bride Most Begrudging, was the opener and did it begin with a bang. We meet Lady Constance as she is boarding a ship to try to save her uncle. An uncle that means the world to her. Soon, Constance finds herself in deep trouble. She is now being held captive as a prisoner. Not as a slave, but as a bride for sale. Yes, you heard me, a bride for sale. Wonder why she is so begrudging? I think I would be too. She and her father do not have a pleasant relationship to say the least. He is not at all happy she is a woman of study. He already has her married off. But she is unstoppable. She is bought by Drew O'Connor. As Lady Constance is from England, her home now will much different. She no longer will be treated as a Lady, but as Constance. This is a change for her. The wilderness is not ready for Lady Constance, but she is a fighter and soon finds her way. Drew and Constance marry, but for the sake of her safety in the colonies. There is so much to this story. There is true history and the characters just draw you in as though you are right there staring at the Indians with them. This is a story you will love. It was pure romance. A romance of every girl's heart. The second book, Courting Trouble, takes place in Texas. We meet strong willed, Essie Spreckelmeyer, who is ready and willing to find herself a husband. She is tired of waiting upon the men to come courting, so she finds herself seeking someone to fill her heart. All she wants is to be loved. She wants to be accepted. Why is it so hard for her to find a husband? This story leads us to fall in love with Essie's family. They certainly want what is best for her. It takes her a while to figure out, but the ending is worth waiting for. I love who she chooses. She chooses one who will never nor forsake her. She finds her true love and He was worth waiting for. The third and final story, Deep in the Heart of Trouble, takes us into New York, four years later and leads us with more of Essie.  Miss Essie's father is an oil man and has a hired hand, Tony Morgan. He isn't looking for love and Essie sure is not the girl he would be seeking. She is such a strong girl, it is going to take one special man to connect with her, but that is exactly what happens. This is a love story that holds romance. We see Essie blossom even more. I found this story to be funny in parts watching these two come together. Don't you love watching love happen? I love how before Essie finds the man of her dreams, she first makes her Lord, the One in which she lives for. These three stories were long reads. What do I mean? I enjoyed them so much I simply took my time. Gist brings such great history into each one and makes the characters just pop out of the pages before us. This is a series you will enjoy if you love historical romance with a little bit of intrigue.

This book was a gift from Bethany House for it's review.

Deeanne Gist has a background in education and journalism. Her credits include People, Parents, Parenting, Family Fun, and the Houston Chronicle and she has a degree from Texas A&M. Dee is the author of five previous bestselling novels including A Bride in the Bargain and she lives in Houston, Texas. Visit Deeanne's Web site at www.deeannegist.com


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