Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Are you ready for a fairy tale? Here we have the second book, "The Map Across Time", of the "Gates of Heaven Series by C.S Lakin. I must admit this is not a book I would have chosen for myself. I am not a fantasy reader, but this book came and  I read the back cover. These words hit me, "The Map Across Time, a sweeping epic of unfailing love and trust, shows how those who feel they are insignificant and unworthy have merit and serve heaven's purpose, even if that purpose is hidden." It was these very words that brought me to open the pages. For this is how I was feeling at the time of the arrival of this book. It was one of those God moments that you just sit back and say, "Wow".

Some might say this book is written for young adults more so than adults. I am not so sure I agree. Is it a fairy tale? Yes, but one adults can relate to. It is one with deep meaning. I am hoping to go back and read the first book of the series, "The Wolf of Tebron" and follow up with the third, "The Land of Darkness". I think I could have gained even more from reading the first of the series. It would have unlocked many questions.

We find ourselves in the Kingdom of Sherbourne. This land is destined for destruction by a curse. The king is filled with selfishness and pride. He really is an ugly character. He has two twin children. Aletha, the daughter of beauty and strength and his son, Adin. Adin captured my heart. I loved his character. Although Adin appears to be weak and sickly, he is nothing of the sort. Adin stays clear of mirrors. He doesnt' even want to see himself. Why? He is the prince, but he isn't one the king is proud of. Adin is trying so hard to capture his fathers love, but nothing he does seems enough. The bond between sister and brother is unbreakable. Together they find the source of this curse and the adventure begins.

There are many rich characters within this story. Reya, a woman who cares for the children protects them that all costs. She knows of secrets and they unfold throughout the story. I found myself turning pages and wanted to see just what was next. I was cheering Adin on!!

We see how just one person can make us feel so unwanted. All we want in life is to be loved and accepted. This book tells the story of our Savior who is rejected daily. Who is found unworthy of our love after He has given all so that we could have life.

We all have a purpose. Sometimes we are trying too hard to find acceptance in others and that is where we miss our own gifts and purpose in this life. This is a story you will love. It is one you will love reading to your children and passing to your young adults. Others compare it to a C.S Lewis book. I do not. I think this book can stand alone and doesn't need to be compared to another.

This book was a gift from AMG Publishers/Living Ink books for it's review. and will be released early 2011.

“C. S.” Lakin comes from a family of successful writers. She grew up collating television scripts for her mother, a screenwriter, story editor, and producer for television. As an adult, Susanne assisted in developing series for television, and while raising two daughters and running a bed and breakfast inn in northern California, wrote her first three novels and a cookbook. In 2009, Susanne’s contemporary novel, Someone to Blame won the Zondervan First Novel contest at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. The novel will be published by Zondervan in August of 2010. She and her husband, Lee Miller, continue to live in California, where she currently works as a freelance copy editor and writing mentor.


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