Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How were you pursued?

On Sunday my pastor was speaking about pursuing. About God pursuing us and how we pursue those we love. It brought me back to the very time my husband was pursuing me. Which in fact led me to respond to the pursuing of the Lord.

I was living in the country. Life had just changed dramatically for me. I had just had my second baby and was just focusing on my children. My girls were everything to me. Being a single mother was difficult, but looking into the eyes of my girls each day gave me hope and they inspired me to press forward. I wasn't looking for a relationship. I was just concentrating on being a mother.

One day while I was visiting my mom who lived near we had a visitor. Now, let me back up just a bit. Down the road at another home there was a man speaking to his uncle about life. They had been deer hunting and now were simply sharing stories. See, this man had been hurt in a relationship also. He was finding it hard to trust and thought maybe he too was just better off alone. But as they talked this uncle said, "Lets go for a ride to friends. I know of a beautiful young woman who feels the same as you." Funny thing was he had no idea I was there visiting and  little did I know in my sweat pants and pony tail that we would soon have visitors. This was the visit that changed my life.

As this young man sat before me in his camouflage we chatted. As we talked about our children he asked if he could hold Whitney. I handed her to him with a smile and within minutes she threw up all down his back. I am now horrified. But he is thinking otherwise. He chuckles and thinks nothing of it. They spend a bit more time visiting with our family and as he leaves to go I look to my mother and I say, "I am going to marry that man." Of course, she thought I was crazy. How could that be? We just met and spent only a few hours chatting. But, there was just something there. A connection I had never felt before.

Three days later he called and asked me out on a date. Our first date? Pizza Hut in Houston, Missouri. I live deep in the country and restaurants are scarce.  Now, remember that pursuing part?  We live over two hundred miles away from one another! Yes, my now husband drove over two hours each way to take me out on our first date. He did this every single weekend. He drove to see me each weekend after working sixty hours a week. It was winter and the roads were sometimes dangerous, but it didn't stop him.  It was during this time that he began sharing Christ with me. It was a few months later and we were married and a year later when I accepted Christ as my Savior. See, when we met, my husband, had two children and I had two children. Together we had our son, Jacob. Our family is forever bonded together by that day we met twenty years ago. As Jacob ties our family together, Christ is the center.

I was being pursued by my husband and my Savior. I was not only being pursued as a wife, but as a daughter. In February it will be our twentieth anniversary!! Our paths crossed twenty years ago and they have been connected every since. As we have been walking together the Lord has been with us every step of the way.

 My friends, no matter what road you are on today you are being pursued by a loving God who wants to have a relationship with you. He has been seeking you your whole life and is waiting for you to answer. He is hoping you will respond and say yes.



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