Friday, December 31, 2010


Wow, what a year it has been for Lets Chat Friday! Who knew this day would be a blessing for so many? Each Friday has it's own special meaning for me. Nuggets of precious wisdom I can come back to and read again and again.  I love hearing from such God-fearing women. Women who stand out and make a difference. Women who in their struggles look to the Lord for guidance and support. Women who encourage and inspire.  My friend, Dawn, is one of those women. I am honored to call her my friend.  Let me tell you a little about her.

When I first walked through the doors of our church almost eighteen years ago, she is one who reached out to me and made me feel like I was home. Then she and my pastor  leave and move miles away for another mission the Lord had for them. Once she returned our friendship grew and each day since has only made my life sweeter.  I look at her and I simply see beauty. She is part of my inner circle of friends. That circle of friends who God has intricately placed in my life to help me be the girl He is calling me to be.  Teaching me, supporting me, laughing with me, encouraging me, and loving me. Loving me when I am not so lovable. Encouraging me through all that touches my life. Laughing not just at me, but with me. Supporting me through every trial and new journey. Teaching me to be a godly woman and simply just making my life richer.  She is one of the first people I call with news or when I need spiritual guidance. She is on speed dial for a laugh.  Dawn has the gift of mercy. So, when I just need to cry, she is that friend who listens without judgement. I have felt her hand of prayer upon me many times. She is that girl you see walking in leopard print and  big hair. (You Southern Baptist girls would love her!!lol)  She is not afraid to just be herself. I love that about her. She is also a gentle giver. Serving in many areas reaching others for the kingdom of Christ.  She has the voice of an angel. She is that friend you want at your side. She is the friend that every girl dreams of and the friend everyone wants to be. Her example is one that I cherish. She is that friend that helps me be accountable in my walk with Christ. Oh, the stories I could share!!  Well now, we better get on to our chat or I will just talk forever. It is my  prayer that you are blessed. I know you too will just fall in love with her.

(Robin) Please tell us a little about yourself.

(Dawn) My name is Dawn. I am married to a wonderful man named Ben. I have 3 children on earth, Molly, Benjamin and Tony, and 1 child in heaven. I grew up in a very Godly home with awesome parents and three OLDER sisters, who were and still are my close friends. My husband is a Pastor and I love being the Pastor’s wife of this church; they are very supportive and loving to me and my family. My inner circle of friends is vital to my Christian walk because they support and sharpen me daily. My daughter thought I should add that I am a GBG dresser. GBG stands for Gaudy but Good. Needless to say I like animal print and bling! LOL

(Robin) I would love to hear your testimony.
(Dawn) Well I went up to the alter at five and I remember going up and saying I wanted to be saved and join the church, but I really believe for me I was just going through the motions. I do remember wanting to take the Lord’s Supper because my Grandma Mary made the leaven bread and I felt I needed to try it because everything she made was amazing. I had no personal relationship. I was brought up in church and participated in GMA’s and many youth activities and knew God’s Word. At 11 years old the church showed a movie called, “A Thief in the Night.” It rocked my world and I knew I didn’t have a personal relationship, but I also knew that I had grown up in church and that I had already been baptized. So for the next four years I would wait until my parents fell asleep and sneak into their room and sleep on the floor! Crazy I know. I guess I thought that I would grab onto their feet and get to go to heaven. One September night when I was 15 I went to bed and the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. I wrestled with Him all night until finally I begged Jesus to take over my life and be my Savior! What a wonderful time with the Lord I have had since that night. Even through the bumps and bruises He has been faithful.

(Robin) What has been the most challenging aspect of being a mother and the most rewarding?
(Dawn) I think the consistency of love and discipline from the first born to the last born. It is vital that I keep the level of rules and regulations for each and that is so difficult with the difference in ages, 8,12 and 17. The most rewarding is watching my kids grow up and define their own relationship with the Lord and others. I also love our nighttime prayer and singing them to sleep when they were babies.

(Robin) In you journey as a woman what has been the most challenging?
(Dawn) Ugh! One word – submissiveness. It would take a book to write how many times my husband has said, “I think this would be the best path,” and I went a different path only to find out he was right. I not sure I want him to read this, but I can’t even count how many times I have said, “You were right!” When I am in God’s Word and walking with Him moment by moment, submissiveness is a very peaceful and rewarding action.

(Robin) I believe a mistake is only a mistake if we cannot walk away with a greater wisdom. Has there been a time in your life where you have faced struggle from a poor decision and how did you overcome?
(Dawn) Wow! Just one, well I have made many poor decisions and they all have had some level of struggle to overcome. Once again I go back to the submissiveness to authority. I have to overcome that by daily staying in God’s Word and constant prayer.

(Robin) How do you define success?
(Dawn) Being content with all you have and content in your God given territory so that all you do has a favorable outcome for the Kingdom of God.

(Robin) Looking back what advice would you give to yourself at the age of 18 to prepare you for life ahead?
(Dawn) Love unconditionally and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Do what you know is right and stick to God’s Word and let Him direct your paths.

Learn to laugh at yourself and find confidence in who God has made you.

(Robin) With a new year beginning what did you hope to accomplish this year?
(Dawn) I would like to see myself discipling others in God’s Word and His Way. I would also like to increase my self discipline in several areas.

(Robin) What encouraging words would you give to someone encountering loss?
(Dawn) Hold on to Jesus through the circle of healing. We all experience the circle of healing when we deal with loss, but those who can hold on to Jesus through those emotional, physical and spiritual ups and downs will come out stronger in their faith. Also, surround yourself with family and friends who will be like Aaron and Hur. They will be willing to stand in the gap and hold up your spiritual arms during those times.

(Robin) My Pastor says, “If the Lord has done something for you the least you can do is say so.” Dear friend what is the Lord doing in your life? (Funny, I am asking you this about our Pastor and he is your
(Dawn) The Lord is showing me that he can use me in ways I never thought possible. He has put me in a job where I can love on teachers and kids and shine His light in a dark world. I love how He does things and we don’t even realize He is already working there. The Lord has been so good to me throughout my life. He gave me a fun, supportive and loving husband, three awesome kids, great parents and sisters, aunt, uncles, nieces, nephews and friends. He has blessed me so, so very much.

(Robin) What empowering advice would you give to someone facing adversity?
(Dawn) Get in God’s Word. Find a Scripture or Scriptures that will help you through that particular adversity and write them down. I know if I have a verse that is helping me I will put it on my phone and read over it and claim God’s Truth and Promises for my life in that adversity. Don’t give up because God will not give up on you!

(Robin) In your legacy what do you wish your life to say?
(Dawn) One of my prayers is that I finish the race honorably. I want people to look at my life and say that I reflected Jesus. I want others to know that God had called me to be a kind and loving person and that I fulfilled that with His help. I want my children to follow Scripture and to say they were able to rise up and call me blessed. I want others to look and say that I was a good listener and that I kept secrets. I don’t want to have a reputation of being a gossip or backstabber. Women sometimes struggle with those areas. Once again in a nutshell I want my life to be a mirror that reflects Jesus.

Dawn, thank you for taking time to come and chat with us. I love you my sweet friend. May God continue to work through you and reach many through the gifts He has bestowed upon you. As you begin your new year may the Lord shine upon you and bless you as you have blessed me. Jesus looks good on you my friend.

I know Dawn would love to hear from you. If You have blessed I encourage you to share with her in leaving her a message here. Next week my guest will be Julie Gorman. She will bring a message of hope that will  encourage  us as our new year begins. Blessings my friends!!


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