Thursday, December 2, 2010

AN AMISH CHRISTMAS by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Barbara Cameron and Kelly Long

Four authors are brought together to tell four stories that tell of hope, faith, love, forgiveness and redemption. The first story, A Miracle For Miriam, tells the story of Miriam and Seth. Miriam is the plain girl, who is insecure. She is hurting and lonely, but doesn't really believe anyone could love someone as plain as her. After a terrible accident, Seth, left the Amish community. He was filled with pride and arrogance, always getting everything he desired. As Seth returns he falls for Miriam, but she has been hurt by his words as a child. Rejection has not left her without pain. The Lord has different plans. As Miriam is running away, Seth is running to her, not giving up so easy. We watch forgiveness touch Miriam as humility brings Seth to the man God created him to be. Second chances and changed lives. In the second story, A Miracle For Miriam, we find the story of Miriam and Daniel. Miriam is Lydia's sister.  Daniel too has left the community to return eighteen years later. That is a long time for love to be rekindled. Miriam is a young widow, raising her children and here, in walks Daniel ready to take up where they left off. Miriam too must find forgiveness as Daniel is overcoming the shame of leaving so long ago. A story of grace and hope continues. In the third story, One Child, we are reunited with Sarah and David. They are ready for Christmas, but still yearning for a child. It has been so long now. But on this stormy night of Christmas, the Lord brings a family in need. A family lost and in need of shelter. Might a babe be coming on Christmas morn? This story takes us to the birth of Christ and brings hope of new life and rekindled faith. In the final story, Christmas Cradles, we watch God bring Anna and Asa together in a miracle that only He could do. Their lives meet and are forever changed by love. Again we see a past redeemed  and we see total surrender unto the Lord. Each of these stories are heart warming and simply beautiful. You walk away from each story with a nugget of gold. I loved this book, these stories that bring such hope during a difficult time in our country, but remind us to stay focused on the Lord and all things will work according to His will for our lives. This is a great book for the season. One you will cherish and pass on.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for its review.


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