Wednesday, November 17, 2010

THE PIRATE QUEEN by Patricia Hickman

Saphora Warren is the picture of perfection. Her life is a life others only dream of. She seems to have everything, but does she really? As others look at Saphora with envy, she is asking herself, "What am I missing?" She struggles as most women do in asking ourselves, "Am I not good enough?" As the story opens Saphora is having a garden party for Southern Living. Again, even her home is picture perfect, but after everyone leaves, after Saphora makes sure her assistant is off for a few days, she begins packing her bags. Life is not always what it seems. Many times we give so much of ourselves we have nothing left for us. Just as Saphora thinks she is off to the lake house her husband, Bender, walks in and announces he is dying. Saphora's world is thrown upside down. The time she planned for herself is now again stopped short. In all the places Saphora was looking for peace it never came. Peace, comfort and joy comes in the most unexpected places for her and for her family. Through the loss of her husband, and through caring for him through this time, Saphora gains something she never had before, herself. She finds God in the midst of chaos. See, Saphora was in a marriage with a husband who put himself out there for other women. Saphora raised their three children, and stayed with this man, but now, their home is all but empty. Not just of children, but of love. Saphora has to make a decision. Does she stay and care for her husband as he is asking or does she leave like she intended? In Saphora's staying, she is now on a journey to experience all God has for her that she has been missing. She reconnects with her children. She finds forgiveness and peace. This is a story that will make you think about, "What would I do?" Saphora is a giver. Through her giving, the Lord blesses in ways she never thought possible. You will find many surprises in this story. It is one I would suggest you grab up for your collection.

This book is a gift from WaterBrook Press for it's review. 


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