Sunday, October 3, 2010


The faith of a child can only bring us closer to Christ when we are in their presence. Little Eliza is a precious girl who has lost her father and is now leaving her home town with her mother. After the death of Leah Breckenridge's husband life changed forever. Leah has nothing left except for Eliza and fears of what tomorrow will bring. Leah has been invited to stay with Aunt Marigold in Illinois, a train ride from Missouri. As Eliza sees the trip as a exciting journey, Leah sees it as one of fear and anxiety. Leah is carrying burdens with her that no one should have to carry, but the through the faith of her daughter, she is beginning to understand that God is there. Always has been. There is a deep fear that Leah carries of trains, after all one did take the life of her husband. But there is so much more that life has taken from Leah. As she gets off the train she meets a young man who is not willing for her to go alone, but wants to help her on her way. This young man is Josiah Walsh. He too lives with Aunt Marigold and is carrying burdens of his own. There is healing in this house. A home where the Lord's presence is strong. Everyone needs an Aunt Marigold in their life. I know I do. Throughout this story we see healing, forgiveness, and grace. Family ties are bonded and painful pasts are broken. This is such a sweet story. What was my favorite character? Eliza, the child of faith. I can learn from this story to have a child like faith. To not be held back in fear, but to trust my Savior. This is one you will adore and one that has such strong meanings. There is so much to share, but then I would be giving too much away and I wouldn't want to do that. Happy reading!

This book was a gift from Revell for it's review.

Leisha Kelly is the author of several bestselling historical fiction books, including Emma's Gift, Julia's Hope, and Katie's Dream. She has served many years on her local library board, continuing to bring good reads and educational opportunities to her community. Once a waitress, cafe manager, tutor, and EMT, Leisha is now a busy novelist and speaker who is active in the ministries of her church. She lives with her family in Illinois.


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