Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The dust is flying now!

My husband and son track all kinds of dirt from the fields into the house. Can I get a witness? Yes, indeed, if you walk through my door you will find dirt on the hardwood floor. I see it and I just wanna scream. I think to myself, "If they see that, can they not clean that up?" But as I sit back today looking at the dirt in the floor, I do the same thing. I see the dirt, yet it stays there. I might even on occasion sweep it under the rug. Isn't that what we like to do? Rather than attack that dirt head on, getting rid of it we let it hang around. What happens then? It only creates more!

Take those ceiling fans for instance. My daughter was sharing with me yesterday that as they turned their heat on they switched their fans. As she turned her fan on, now spinning in another direction, dust went flying!!! She should have learned not to do that from her mother! lol But as tired as she was she didn't clean it up right then. She dropped into bed exhausted to leave it for tomorrow. But in that time it only gathers, spreads and makes more of a mess. Ever try to sweep with the windows open or fan on? It doesn't happen. It just blows everywhere.

Life is like this my friends. Instead of tackling that mess in front of us we sweep it under the rug in hopes it disappears. But it doesn't. We think we will get to it later, but we never do. We let it go and let it go. We think just because we don't see it right then no one else will, but messes have a way of showing through. In life they begin to show through our countenance. Through our attitude. They begin to weigh us down. What happens when your vacuum gets full? It doesn't run correctly. It slows down. It's bogged down and just won't pick up anymore. We take that attachment off and clean out that dirt and what happens? It is ready to go again. It runs properly. It doesn't sound like it's broken anymore. We do the same thing. Our life shows the dirt no matter how much we are trying to hide it. Why not just sweep it right then? Why not just clean up what has become a mess we are ignoring?

Life is just so much easier when we take care of the problems we have right then. We don't need to put them off on someone else. We just need to get down on our knees and start scrubbing until it's clean. So, I say get all that dirt before you turn on the fan and it begins to fly and hit the ceiling! We get use to things moving in one direction. When that changes we are not ready and we don't know what to do with that change.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate confrontation. I would rather have someone else do my talking or even write a letter! lol No, I don't write letters any longer. My friends, know that writing someone a letter is not the same as talking face to face. An email isn't sharing your emotion and heart. If anything I have learned writing letters only makes the situation worse. It creates this illusion. You think you have opened up, shared your heart honestly and the one reading? Well, they open that letter up and they don't know your heart and cannot hear your soft words and see the pain in your eyes. They see words in front of them and more than likely they gather more anger and again, a mess is stirred. Just simply go to that person. Let them see your heart through your eyes. Let them hear your words through your own expression of love.

So much in life comes and we try to ignore it. I know about trying to ignore pain. It builds and creates something smelly in our hearts. Just as if we entered into our son's room after he has left a bite of food on a plate and slid it under the bed. You simply can't ignore that any longer. It hits you in the face hard and knocks you over. Why wait until then? Why wait until the problem is ready to explode?

Today, maybe you are facing a difficult situation you are dreading. Maybe you are trying to ignore a problem that is only eating your lunch. Make today the day you step forward and say, "Can we please talk?" Make today that day peace can come into your heart again. Today you can let go of the stress you have bottled up for days, months and even years. It is time to let go and bring light to a situation that has been keeping you in the dark. Forgiveness can begin in your heart today and reach others just by taking that first step and reaching out. Pick up that rug, take it out and shake it good!!


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