Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Everything matters! Every moment in our lives has meaning. Each moment, no matter if we are talking to a friend or stranger, has an impact on life. Every attitude we have and every choice we make marks our future.
My husband read this book before I did. My son also read this book. They both loved it and found great wisdom here. As I picked this book up I knew it held special value. Andy Andrews reaches in and touches our soul in this book. Inspiring and enlightening for our personal growth.

When we are faced with the decision of doing something or nothing, what will be your choice? We should always choose to act and act in faith. We learn of one thirty-four year old teacher, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, who made one move more than a century ago that changed the world as we know it. One man, who took one step, made a difference. The Butterfly Effect is real. Just with one move, no matter how great or small makes the difference in life not just in that one moment for all eternity. There is nothing we do that does not bring another choice, another decision that not only changes life for us, but those around us. Each choice effects what happens next.

We learn of many great people who made an impact on this world. Little did they know the importance of just one decision would have on a nation that would still be standing after their deaths. We leave behind a legacy! Everything matters! As those before have shifted and shaped our lives, we too will do the same for those coming behind us. What is it that we want to share with others? It could be the smallest thing ever, but that one small moment of action could change lives for centuries!

This would be a great gift book. This would be a great book to share with students. A great one to share with those you love. How about this? Share it with a stranger and make a whole new impact that will only blossom like a beautiful butterfly!

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.


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