Saturday, July 31, 2010

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? by Dr. David Jeremiah

Is the current economic and political crisis actually prophesied in the Bible?
If so, what are we to do about it? It is hard to piece together all this information in a way that gives a comprehensive picture of what the end times will look like. That's why so many theories abound. And that's why Dr. David Jeremiah has written What In the World Is Going On?, a unique book that cuts through the hundreds of theories to identify the essential 10 most important bible prophecies. There is no other book like this. You'll find it the ultimate study tool for understanding the future. You'll have a greater sense of comfort that, even in these crazy times, God is indeed in control. If bible prophecy as always been a mystery to you, Dr. Jeremiah's book will help you solve the mystery. At last, bible prophecy can make sense, and make a difference. What In the World Is Going On? is shocking and eye-opening but essential reading in these turbulent days.
I love Dr. David Jeremiah. His writing style captivates you and he gives accurate information that is detailed and easy to read. So much is coming, so much is behind us, but throughout this book it gives new insight and helps us prepare and be awakened to all that is going on. Dr. Jeremiah shares with us information we cannot ignore. He gives valuable information about what has been prophesied and what has already occurred. This is a book you will read in one sitting. It is enthralling to read these pages and come to realize the truth in what he is speaking. We have nothing to fear about our future when we know Christ as our Savior. But we need to be prepared and ready for what is to come.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.


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