Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Amy Carmichael is one of those women who stands out with a strong presence of faith. She said this: "Give me the Love that leads the way The Faith that nothing can dismay The Hope no disappointments tire The Passion that'll burn like fire Let me not sink to be a clod Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God".

She had a passion for God. She had a passion for life, along with a passion for others. She was born December 16, 1867. Amy was a Christian missionary in India. She opened an orphanage there for the children in need. She seemed to have a heart for those in need and sacrificed so others could have. One of her quotes says it best; "You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving." She lived a life filled with love. She served for fifty-six years before she died in January 1951.

Something that I find fascinating about her is she always wanted blue eyes. She prayed for them in fact. She had beautiful brown eyes, but wanted blue so badly as a child. It was not until she was older, finding herself in India, where everyone has dark eyes, she realized she would have had a much harder time fitting in and reaching others with blue eyes. God knew exactly what He was doing giving her beautiful brown eyes. Eyes filled with love for others to see Jesus through.

She did not just speak about Jesus, she lived her faith. It was through that deep, grounded faith that others came to know Him also. Ever think we can't do something for God because we are weak? Maybe because we suffer from illness? Amy had Neuralgia. A disease that would make her so weak she would be in bed for weeks at a time. Amy knew her calling and knew the Lord would provide all she needed to do His work. She didn't just go to India, but served in many countries and in many areas.

Amy wanted to fit in so badly to reach these people of India she died her skin dark, and wore their dress. But, there was something very different about Amy. She stood out as one who carried love in a humble way. She wasn't about shining a light on herself, but in fact reflecting all she did right back to the Lord she served. She was able to reach over one thousand children. Amy wrote many books on her life, telling her stories and never gave up reaching others for Christ.

After Amy was hurt badly in a severe fall, she was bedridden for much of the rest of her life. She died at the age of 83 still in India, still serving from her bed. This woman carried grace with her. She walked with mercy. Accepting those around her with simple love. A love that Christ instilled in her. When she died she did not want a head stone above her grave. Instead the children that loved her so placed a bird bath over her grave in remembrance of her. They had written, "Amma" upon it. Which means Mother.

I see the life of this giving woman and I see beauty. Inspiration. Love. Jesus looked good on Amy Carmichael. She didn't serve herself, didn't worry about her outer beauty. But she lived in such a way that her beauty shined through her actions. Amy loved the unloved. She touched the untouchables and left a legacy of love behind her for us to follow. She did not have an easy life. She lost her father at a young age, and everything changed from there. She saw life as an opportunity to serve a Savior who gave His life for her. There is much to be said about a women as selfless as Amy. Her thoughts were simply to save the children no one else wanted to love. As she opened her arms to them, they soon reached back.

She is a woman I learned about long ago through teaching my children at home. She was a woman I admired right off the bat in reading her story. As I too suffer from illness, her life shows me I can serve even on those days I am weak and tired. Amy woke every morning reading her bible and spending time in prayer. On those days where we are weak, God is strong through prayer. On those days I am tired, I get out my bible and spend time with Him and gain strength through His word. Amy bloomed wherever God sent her. And what a fragrant life she lived. She is an example of the Proverbs 31 woman. A woman after God's own heart, and she had hands that were filled with love. That is why she is my Wednesday woman.


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